Caring for Your Handbags: 10 Easy Tips for Fashionistas

We own them, we love them, and we spend a great deal of money on them….handbags!  There’s so many stylish bags for our personal collection such as tote bags, satchels, clutches, hobo bags, and weekender bags.    for more handbag photos visit my instagram: kwest1908 I have an obsession with handbags because they’re a great organizational […]


ML Furs | Luxury Fashion, Beauty, and Style

Temperatures are getting colder daily and that means it’s fur season.  Although this year’s fashion has brought several styles with the use of faux fur, there’s nothing like the luxury and warmth of an authentic fur coat. Purchasing a fur can be intimidating but owning this accessory’s well worth the purchase.  There’s so many selections […]


Diamond Lighthouse - Jewelry Buyer and Seller

Have you ever considered selling your diamond earrings or that antique bracelet you inherited years ago? If so, Diamond Lighthouse is the perfect solution! How It Works: Diamond Lighthouse works with reputable jewelry vendors and dealers to find the best offer for your diamond.  And once the diamond has been shipped to the company, clients can […]