Aveda Essentials: Eco-friendly Hair and Skincare Products

Eco-friendly hair and skincare services are considered the philosophy of Aveda products.  The company believes in wellness as it relates to beauty.

Product Review:

I had the pleasure of receiving a few of their latest products in the mail.  Let me start by saying, that Aveda did not disappoint on any levels.  Before I opened the box there was a beautiful well-wrapped package.  Each product had a distinct, natural aroma and instantly filled the room.

Aveda Essentials Products

Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother

Be Curly Curl Enhancer

Thickening Tonic

Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

Air Control Light Hold Hair Spray


Shampure Composition Oil

Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme

Based on my daily routine, I was in desperate need of the Thickening Tonic and Air Control Light Hold Hair Spray.  I’ve also suffered from breakage and decided to use the Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair.

In terms of skincare, the Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme not only fights dryness but diminishes the signs of aging.

Overall, this package was perfect in terms of my monthly beauty needs!  Stay connected for more about Aveda‘s latest hair and skincare products.