City Sports: Fashionable and Functional Fitness Options

Purchasing quality clothing can be detrimental to a fitness or lifestyle enthusiasts wardrobe.  One needs to own performance wear that’s breathable, durable, and water repellant.  Those are only a few qualities that shoppers can find when visiting City Sports for apparel or footwear.


City Sports recently opened a store in Rockville, MD.  In addition to providing athletic gear for any workout, they also offer boot camps and run clubs at each location, connecting community members with similar athletic interests.


I received a package from the company with core run tights, full zip jacket, and lifestyle top.  My first reaction was to jumpstart my fitness plan for the new year.  I was successful in grabbing a quick workout before picking up the kids and look fashionable on the treadmill.

Although we’re between seasons, the full zip jacket was successful in keeping me warm with the lifestyle top underneath.  I added my faux fur vest to the look for a “breath of style” after leaving the gym and running errands.


City Sports has a variety of brands in stock and they also run competitive sales on their merchandise.  Don’t forget to shop their gear category with products ranging from heart rate monitors to hydration packs.  Follow them on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

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