Custom Blend App and Foundation from COVERGIRL

I received a special invitation from COVERGIRL to share the latest makeup for beauty fanatics.  The product was a huge secret and now I can include my audience on the new launch.

It’s difficult to find the right shade of foundation.  As a woman of color, I have purchased several foundations that are either too dry (ashy) or the wrong pigment. COVERGIRL has combined technology and beauty with the use of the Custom Blend App.  Here’s how it works – it scans your face, finds your perfect shade, and lets you order a customized bottle sent right to your door.

I could not wait to create my custom foundation!  This is a must-have product to ensure your makeup appears natural, glowing, and flawless.

Glam Queen

I’m excited to announce the foundation is my exact skin complexion.  This is a huge milestone for COVERGIRL because (now) everyone can create a custom foundation that will come right to the front door!

Here’s how to get started:

1.Download the Custom Blend App here:

2.Follow the instructions within the app to learn how it works, then complete your registration, skin profile, and scan your face

3.Customize your bottle & label

4.Let us know where to send it!


Product Description from iTunes:

“Tired of trying to find your perfect foundation shade? We’ve always known that you were one-of-a kind and now COVERGIRL’s got you covered! In just 3 easy-breezy steps you can have a Custom Blend foundation mailed right to your door.

Introducing COVERGIRL’s breakthrough Tone Logic™ technology that (combined with your skin profile) uses your phone to scan and analyze your tone. Then, based upon your unique skin color, recommends the perfect, just-for-you, Custom Blend foundation.

Next, you customize your foundation bottle – choosing from 4 label colors and 3 fonts to make it beautifully and uniquely yours. Then COVERGIRL ships it straight to your door for just $25 (free shipping!).

COVERGIRL takes the guess work out of finding your perfect shade and custom blends a foundation that is guaranteed for easy-breezy, beautifully, YOU.”

Special thank you to COVERGIRL for including Lashblast Volume Mascara

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