5 Jewelry Trends to Take Away from the Fall/Winter Season

Jewelry can really make an outfit stand out. Even an outfit that might seem dull, at first glance, can be invigorated and livened by a piece of jewelry chosen accordingly. Of course, there are certain trends that dictate the design of jewels – and if you want to recreate your style, picking the right accessories will allow you to do that!

Accessories grant that specific je ne sais quoi that is so alluring. We really love the way in which a piece of jewelry can add depth and dimension to an outfit. That being said, we’d like to talk about the main trends you’re likely to observe this year.

  1. Statement Earrings

Without a doubt, statement earrings are a beloved trend. Hence, most jewel makers offer a wide selection of styles – including Brilliant Earth. The best thing about statement earrings is that they catch the eye. In fact, they direct all the attention towards the upper part of the body. You can combine them with classic, timeless pieces such as a white or black dress – you couldn’t possibly go wrong. Plus, you can choose from so many models and designs, meaning that you’re bound to find something that appeals to you.

  1. Oversized Jewelry

Another ever-present trend is that of oversized jewelry. In fact, it comes down to this: the bigger the jewelry, the better. The thing is that oversized pieces of jewelry instill confidence – a characteristic that should describe every woman nowadays. Essentially, oversized gold or silver accessories are in sheer contrast with minimalist, dainty clothing. Hence, Brilliant Earth Jewelry diversified their available styles, to make their jewelry selection as varied as possible.

  1. Simple, Elegant Necklaces

Another trend that is likely to be around for a while now is that of thin, dangling necklaces. Regardless of the type of outfit, you’re wearing, adding a bunch of dainty, elegant necklaces with a simple, timeless design can really add a hint of texture and character. In fact, during the fall, you can attempt to combine them with scarves. Conversely, you could pair a set of dainty necklaces with chunky, metallic chokers, if you’re the adept of unconventional jewelry.

  1. Charm-Style Jewelry

Our list continues with charm-style jewelry. Whether we’re talking about bracelets or necklaces, charm-style jewelry is an ongoing trend that is gaining territory by the day. People who are eager about collecting things will find them infinitely more appealing. And this doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that charm jewelry is the definition of whimsy, not to mention that you can get as creative as you please.

  1. Fall Leaves Theme

A theme for the fall/winter 2018-2019 season is that of fall leaves. This theme makes one think of nature, or, more specifically, the woods. Nature-inspired fashion pieces always manage to look good, and we definitely appreciate the dainty, ethereal leaves we’ve noticed in some of the upcoming collections.

To conclude, these are some of the main trends you’re likely to observe in the jewelry department. Which of them appeals to you the most and why? Let us know!

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