Glam Screen and Accessories by Jonathan Cheban: Take Your Selfies to The Next Level

It’s New York Fashion Week and what does that mean? We are taking selfies with our smart phone; asking our girlfriends, “how do I look” or searching for a mirror in our handbags. Those problems are solved with the new Glam Screen and Accessories, created by Jonathan Cheban from Keeping Up With The Kardashains.

Khloe Kardashian using her Glam Screen

Khloe Kardashian using her Glam Screen

To sum it up, Glam Screen is an HD Mirror Screen Protector that turns your cellphone into a mirror. And there’s several cute accessories like the Designer Button Stickers, Selfie Ring, and iPad HD Mirror Screen Protector. The days of taking a bad selfie ended with the creation of the Glam Screen Protector.

My Experience: The screen was very easy to put on and allowed me to take quality selfies! Β Also, by using the selfie ring I was able to hold the phone upright, strike a pose, and smile for the camera. Β See photos of my Glam Screen (and accessories) below – to order click on the link: Glam Screen