Coffee: A Must-Have Beauty Ingredient from MineTan

Not only does coffee taste good and help you stay awake, but it also gives beauty benefits to your skin, such as, fight premature aging of the skin, reduce under-eye puffiness, exfoliate and smooth the skin, minimize the visibility of cellulite…and the list goes on.

What more could you ask for? Below please find products from MineTan that contain coffee as a key ingredient.

MineTan Coconut Coffee Foam ($34.99)

Think: a product that delivers an exotic dark brown finish, hydrates and firms the skin and smells good! The coconut water ingredient will hydrate, smooth and nourish your skin, while the coffee will firm and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It’s the ultimate tanning product that will give you the skin finish you desire.

MineTan Coffee Scrub Original ($16.99)

Exfoliate and revitalize your skin with this full body caffeine kick. The freshly ground coffee will smooth your skin and target imperfections such as uneven skin tone, stretch marks, cellulite, dry skin and a fading tan. Use in the shower on a regular basis – dig in and wake up your skin!

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