5 Ways Clothes Affect Our Personality: What's Your Dress Code?

There is a certain feeling that comes with trying on a new outfit, especially when we know it looks great and really suits us well. It’s a feeling that tells us we can go out and do great things, be successful, and be impressive. No matter whether those clothes are a business suit or new jeans and a t-shirt, it is how they make us feel and affect how we think about ourselves that is important – they don’t have to be special, but they need to make us feel special. New clothes have been proven to have a psychological effect on us; here are some examples of how it works.

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Being Casual

If you’ve ever gone from work to a social event and kept the same clothes on, it is likely that you didn’t feel completely comfortable and perhaps you weren’t able to join in with conversations as confidently as you might normally have been expected to do. However, if you change from your work clothes into something more casual (which can of course still be smart), then you will feel more like contributing to the discussions taking place around you. You will be more open and communicative if you are feeling comfortable in general, and that’s where clothes can make all the difference.

Because we don’t always know when we might be asked out for a drink or a meet up with friends after work, it’s always a good idea to have a change of clothes with you. These clothes can stay in a drawer by your desk, or in a locker, or perhaps in your car if you drive to work. That way, if you do have an unexpected invitation, you can ensure you will always be comfortable.

You might even have a casual dress code at work, which can solve the problem entirely – casual clothes won’t need to be changed out of like formal clothes will. In some cases, wearing casual clothes to work can actually help your productivity, particularly in the more creative fields, so a suit wouldn’t be appropriate anyway.

Power Dressing

Although in some careers more casual attire is expected, and although this has become a popular trend across many different sectors, ‘power dressing’ in a formal, smart suit – for both men and women – may be something you prefer, and if that is your choice (or if the sector you work in demands it) then you should certainly do it.

There is something about a smart suit that gives some people an entirely different work ethic to when they are wearing more casual clothing, and they find they are a lot more productive when they are dressed more formally. This kind of clothing can completely change our attitude and perspective on work, and make us more successful as we are keen to work harder and impress more. The initial expense of making your closet ready for your power dressing job will be easily paid off when you become more and more successful. If you have recently started a new job are in need of a quick fix to fund your new lifestyle and wardrobe, in order to be entirely ready for wearing such clothes at work, you may consider a loan from Bonsai Finance.

This can help set you up for the road to success on your new journey. Feeling powerful means that we are sure of ourselves, certain that we can do whatever it is we want to, and do it well. Looking powerful is a useful tactic in meetings, for example. If you want someone to know who you are and that you’re an important part of the business, you should dress formally to show them that you are serious about what you are doing. This all adds up to success and confidence, and that is an ideal combination as one will always lead to the other.

Your Uniform

Of course, some roles have a specific uniform that must be worn for them. These include nurses, firefighters, police officers, restaurant workers, and more. A uniform has been shown to help us achieve even more. Wearing a uniform makes us more aware of what we should be doing at work, and in turn that ensures that we are more willing to do it (and do it to the best of our abilities).

Not only that but since other people will have certain expectations of us when we are wearing that uniform, it means we need to be professional at all times and always do our best. Even on days when you might not feel like you want to be at work, once you have your uniform on, that feeling can disappear, and you will become more responsible and responsive.

A Great Work Out

The gym might not be your favorite place to be, but since it is essential to carry out regular exercising, it is an important place to be nonetheless. If the gym is not possible, then something else such as taking part in sports of a fitness class, cycling, swimming, or simply taking a walk (although it must be a brisk one and not a gentle stroll) around the block can work too.

It’s not just what you do that makes a difference though; what you wear can help too. Even if you’re not feeling too much like heading out to the gym or going out to do exercise because you’re tired and you’ve had a busy day (or even because you just don’t enjoy it), once you put on your gym clothes, you will feel a lot better. Those gym clothes need to be kept just for that – working out. If you wear everyday clothes, then it won’t feel so special, and you won’t feel quite so motivated. Plus, when you’re wearing these special clothes, you will have a constant reminder of what you should be doing, and that will push you on even more.

Designer Clothes

Although it is probably not a good idea to wear designer clothes all the time because they are extremely expensive, having one or two designer items in your closet can really make a difference. These kinds of clothes can boost your confidence when you wear them and can change people’s perception of you. Even if those designer clothes happen to be second hand, they will still make us feel a lot more assertive when we wear them.

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