Stress Relief for Challenging Times and How Essential Oils Can Help You Find Inner Calm

We are all searching for ways to deal with the stress brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether that’s it’s meditating, eating immune-boosting foods or Zoom chatting with friends, just doing something for stress relief is essential for your mental and physical well-being.

Now there’s one more way to help de-stress in this trying time – with the power of essential oils.

Vitality Extracts have diffusers, car diffusers, roll-on bottles, essential oil jewelry and a line for kids.

Vitality Extracts crafts the finest essential oils that are pure, safe and free of chemicals making them the perfect aromatherapy oils for optimal natural healing. Each of its oils is tested to ensure it’s 100% contaminant free! While the company is unwavering in its commitment to provide products that are beneficial for its customers, it’s equally committed to protecting its workers and the planet as a whole. The company’s collection of products is sourced from generational farms around the world, helping preserve and protect a vanishing way of life. Farmers and the artisans who lovingly create Vitality Extracts are paid a fair wage and work in an environment guided by ethical practices.

Along with essential oils for migraine relief, stress relief, energy and more, Vitality Extracts makes stunning diffuser bracelets from natural stones, each as beautiful to look at as it is good for your soul! With all the stress in the world now, be good to yourself – and the planet and find some grounding with Vitality Extracts.

Top Picks for Stress Relief:

Immunity – a powerful way to help support the proper function of your immune and respiratory systems. In addition, it can help purify the air and disinfect surfaces to provide a cleaner environment for you and your family, while reducing anxiety and helping with mental focus.

Inner Peace – a lovely combination of oils that gives a spiritual calm even when you’re most stressed. This refreshing combination of citrus oils helps to restore energy, relieve tension and boost the immune and circulatory systems.

Breathe Easy – designed to increase the lung’s capacity to breathe and clear the sinuses. It can also help purify the air in the room and ease congestion and sinus pressure, reduce inflammation and promote a healthy immune and circulatory system.

Diffuser Jewelry – Pyrite, rose quartz and African turquoise are just some of the beautiful and beneficial stones in this collection. Each bracelet or necklace features natural stones paired with lava beads to soak up the oils and provide long-lasting benefits in a beautiful package.

About Vitality Extracts:  Vitality Extracts was created by a group of health and wellness enthusiasts who firmly believe in the natural healing of essential oils. The company crafts products of the utmost quality and offers them at affordable prices to ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits of better health. The company is so confident its products exceed expectations it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee!