Style Life Fashion: The Power of Pinterest

I am OFFICIALLY addicted to Pinterest! I love the inspiration behind a great photo and there’s so much creativity circulating that everyone should want to try something new. Β In the Fashion Industry, we are always searching for the latest “thing” and it’s definitely happening on Pinterest.

From Nails, Hair, Fitness, and Special Occasions, this website has posts that originate from everyday people (like ourselves.) Take a look at a few photos from today’s pins!




4 Responses to Style Life Fashion: The Power of Pinterest

  1. You are right… I am obsessed with tumblr as well! They are both so visually rich and you feel like your are getting a close glimpse to other people personal lives!

  2. Absolutely! It’s time for Style Life Fashion to update some photos on Pinterest as well…

  3. Exactly, it has truly become an addiction but I love the new content and photos

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