Summer 2016 Beauty Products List

I finally have the time to share some of my favorite summer beauty products.  The sun’s out and I definitely can’t wear a heavy foundation!  Aside from the heat, there’s a major concern of time management.

Honestly, the summer months are loaded with family activities, networking opportunities, segments and catching up with friends.  I’m rushing to get a gel manicure and natural hair treatments.  The positive aspect is there’s some wonderful products (on the shelf) to make life easier.  I can still be attractive while saving time and money.


During the warmer season I like to even out my skin tone.  With a bronzed complexion, the bright colors in my wardrobe stand out.  Years ago, a beauty company shipped sun tan lotion for a review.  I didn’t know the value of this product until I attended the Fashion Awards MD and it was too hot for any other option.  To help make my arms and legs (more) even I opted for the sun tan lotion.  The results were amazing and I haven’t looked back since the first application.

Now, I’ve taken it up a notch with the use of Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs.  I love this product!  It also comes in a smaller size to fit inside of my purse.  It’s very affordable and actually works.  I would suggest (when using this product) to throughly shake the bottle, spray evenly and gently rub on the area. Don’t worry about the spray on your hands, it washes off with no problems.  For more results and lessen the visible appearance of cellulite, use the spray twice.  Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs can be applied for a dinner date, red carpet event or walk along the beach.


When I need a shimmer over my skin, I like to apply L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Lotion.  This is actually a self tanning lotion.  It’s fast drying, unscented, and can be used on the entire body.  L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Lotion is one of my daily go-to summer products.

LOreal Sublime Luminous Bronzer Lotion

Quick Tip:  Add a drop to your liquid foundation or squeeze on a brush for a sunkissed complexion

I’ve posted on this site several new shades from the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Collection.  I was too busy to get a gel manicure one week and needed a polish that would last for a few days.  I picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish and was not disappointed.  The polish provided a beautiful shade and sealed like a true gel polish.  I would suggest using a base coat and one stroke if you’re in a rush; be prepared to sit still for 20 minutes with the use of two strokes.  The polish lasted on my nails 4 days which was okay for my in-between weekly nail maintenance.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

In terms of lipstick, this is an area I generally need assistance.  I am the girl who will wear the same lip color for months, as long as it looks great!   With that being said, I’m working on this dilemina and a few loyal brands are keeping me updated.  My aunt is a huge fan of Rimmel Cosmetics and brags about their lipsticks.  I had the opportunity to purchase a few shades and I would not share them here if they didn’t have a rich pigment, moisture, and staying power!  I really like their shade of the lipsticks and can be purchased at any drugstore.


Okay ladies, here’s my summer beauty product list.  A few additional products include Cantu Coconut Styling Cream, Cantu Cleansing Cream Shampoo, and Nivea Lip Balm.  What are you using this summer?

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