Summer Solstice and Adventures

I wanted to make an effort (this summer) to get out and enjoy the sunlight.  After surviving the winter months and various inches of snow it was a relief to feel the heat on my skin.

I was dead set on venturing out in Tampa, Florida.  One thing I can’t resist is a great meal and wine tasting. The photo shown is from Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant. It’s an upscale working winery where customers can also become members. We decided to sit outside while viewing the palm trees and water fountain.

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I am a fashion blogger and it’s a ritual to drop by shopping malls when visiting a new area.  International Plaza was no exception to my tradition. The fascinating concept about this particular center is the mixture of stores and Bay Street food court.  It’s an open-air village with restaurants; very exciting for night-life.  I’m also a people watcher and relish in the distinct styles (or fashion) for each region.

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It’s no secret that my hair is natural.  I made the transition three years ago due to chemical damage on my edges.  Being natural is a personal preference because I am more health conscious.

Amongst my friends, I’m also known for changing my hair styles (often) and can be seen wearing accessories,  twist outs, extensions, or wigs.  After watching several Youtube videos I was finally able to accomplish a turban.  This was my favorite summer go-to style when I’m seeking a sleek look.

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The Tampa Club

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Disney World Magic Kingdom

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Boy Scout Boulevard

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Supper Club

“The Tans Will Fade But The Memories Will Last Forever.” – Unknown

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