Clothing Care

Wear What You Want | Dryel At-Home Cleaner and Product Review

Most women love to shop and buy delicate items.  The problem is that certain clothing pieces are created with intricate fibers. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a linen blazer and it’s ruined due to inappropriate care. Let’s not forget the over priced dry-cleaning bill and time constraint when dropping-off your favorite items. Constant dry-cleaning has […]


Fashion Tips with Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner

Dry cleaning your wardrobe can be costly!  We love to wear cashmere sweaters, wool coats, and boucle’ slacks but the care for such garments are expensive.  One can purchase these items on sale but must calculate the price of dry cleaning in their shopping budget. As a Style Expert, I always share that fashion girls (and guys) […]