Fab Finds Checklist

September Fab Finds Checklist: Cape Coats, Power Suits, Moto Boots, and Logo Print

Yesterday marks the beginning of September and the hottest trends keep on coming! Everyone knows that real fashion starts on the streets and that’s what we want to showcase here.  A few pieces are runway-inspired while some looks are a mixture of high-low style. Earmark this Fab Finds Checklist and let it motivate your Fall […]


AUGUST FAB FINDS CHECKLIST: Hair Clips, Denim Jumpsuit, Satin Skirt, and Leopard Accessories

August is the last official month for the summer but that doesn’t mean the hottest trends are ending.  The photos below are items that stand out and definitely eye-catching. Enjoy shopping and don’t forget to put the upcoming Labor Day sales on your calendar! Leopard Accessories     Denim Jumpsuit       Hair Clips […]


July Fab Finds Checklist: 5 Essential Items That Will Make You Go Shopping

I wanted to draft a checklist of Fabulous Finds for the month of July.  These are items on my fashion radar and can inspire anyone’s wardrobe. The pieces selected are all reasonably priced and easy to wear.  Happy Shopping!  Chunky Dad Sneakers   2.  Knot Headbands   3.  Leopard Pieces   4.  Valentino Inspired Thong Sandals […]