Makeup Brushes

Vanity Planet Oval Makeup Brush Kit: Gorgeous Summer Glow

Makeup application is the finishing touch to anyone’s look.ย  There are so my cosmetic products and a variety of colors and hues. My day starts with a cup of coffee, women’s devotional, work projects, and household errands.ย  Somewhere in between this typical daily chaos includes setting my face. The basic makeup staples include liquid foundation, […]


Style + Life + Fashion Women's Gift Guide 2017: Blanket Scarf, Stainless Steel Coffee Mug, Studded Leather Clutch and More

I am really excited to share the latestย Women’s Gift Guide 2017. This particular guide has a variety of items from several different price points. There are gifts ranging from $8.99 and beyond. Use this post (and print) to share with your significant other or family members. Feel free to tweak it a bit to help […]