The VXL Collection: Luscious Plush Robes

The VXL Collection featuring  luxury luscious Plush Robes – a trendy loose-fitting outer garment founded with both comfort and fashion in mind. Founded and created by instagram sensation Vena E. or as we know “Yesimprettyvee”. This versatile selection of robes are here to keep you “Feeling good, Feeling great” everyday. These Plush Robes are designed to comfort your body as you snuggle up, get warm around the house! Keep in mind, The VXL Collection Robes are unisex “one size fitall”; created to ensure that all body types feel and look absolutely flattering in them.

Although this featured item was originally worn by Vena’s other personality “Peanuts Mama” in hot pink, it now comes in a variety of poppin’ colors. Other featured options consist diamond studded lining and embroidery.

Vena said, “So let’s all throw on our Robes, turn up the tunes and “Get Crazy” with a VXL Collection Plush Robe!”


About Vena E.
Davana Excell, aka Vena E. is a comedian, host, actress and public figure from Miami, FL. She is best known for her huge social media influence, showcasing her famous personalities and comical Skits. To learn more about Vena E and the VXL Collection visit:


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