Simple Tactics: Channel Your Inner Creativity

Working on your creativity may feel as if you have to wait for it to happen naturally. But that’s not always the case. It’s the ability to push yourself forward in a range of different ways that will encourage your inner creativity to come out. But how are you going to be able to do that? When you’re not really sure on how to make the most of your creative calling, there are things you can do to hurry it along.

Take Up A Hobby

First of all, you could consider taking up a creative hobby. There are lots of different things you could think about doing for this. Whether it’s painting or knitting or writing, actively working on your creativity in your spare time is one way to keep it alive. Not only will you be able to enjoy taking part in creative activities, but you may also find yourself coming up with a range of different ideas on a more regular basis, just because you’ve put more time into your creativity.

Befriend Other Creatives

Next, you should think about mingling in more creative circles. When you surround yourself by people who inspire you, you should find that your mind starts to feel a lot more inspired too. Although you don’t have to ditch your lifelong friends for a new crowd, you should definitely try to network more. Not only will you find yourself surrounded by new ideas, but you may also gain access to different creative opportunities too.

Encourage Your Natural Creativity

You may also want to think about the ways you can work on your own natural creativity. You could do this with the use of encouraging stones like or by trying to clear your mind. You may find that allow yourself to relax and keep calm will help to bring out your most creative thoughts. Sometimes you need ideas to spur you on, and you have to be able to bring them out naturally.

Join A Group

There, you could think about the different groups you could join to bring on your creativity. Networking with friends is just one way you can open up to new opportunities, but professionally networking can help too. Take a look at the different creative groups that are active in your area. You may find that you can meet up with other writers or artists to get professional feedback on your work that can help to nurture your creativity further.

Read More

Whether you want to be a writer or not, you will also benefit from reading more. There are lots of books for creative people that can help you with this. Books written by creatives will often contain a lot of helpful and supportive information for helping you to get in touch with your own creativity. You may even find ideas and exercises that can help you to keep pushing in your field and bring out the best of your talents.

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Ann Taylor Launches NEW Collection for Every Day, Every Wear

Looking for a one-stop-shop for work wear to weekend wear and outifts that are just as stylish lounging on the couch as they are out on the town?  Launching this month, Ann Taylor’s new collection Luxewear capsules easy luxurious pieces that combine style and comfort effortlessly – for every day and every wear.

Luxewear’s versatile collection incorporates classic details, luxe fabrics and borrowing elements from activewear.  Now available in-stores and online, the collection is made up of 48 cohesive styles from layering tanks to stirrup pants to structured blazers.

Sarah Hyland in Avon on Emmys 2017 Red Carpet

Inspiration: Sarah’s look was inspired by the bold color of her dress. Allan wanted to incorporate a pop of that same color into her makeup look on the eyes, while keeping her skin golden and glowing, finishing with a nude lip.

Eyes: To start, Allan prepped Sarah’s eyelids with Avon True Color Eyeshadow Primer. He gave her a wash of bronze and copper with the shades in the Avon True Color 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette in Smoky Nights over the entire lid and on the bottom lashline. Then, he used Shade #2 in the Avon True Color Matte Eyeshadow Quad in Desert Sunset all over the top lid and into the crease. He applied two coats of Avon True Color SuperExtend Nourishing Mascara to her top lashes and applied a soft coat to her bottom lashes. He defined Sarah’s beautiful, full brows with Avon Perfect Eyebrow Styling Duo in Soft Brown..

Face: After applying moisturizer, Allan used Avon True Color Flawless Liquid Foundation in Natural Beige to give her undetectable coverage and make her skin flawless in every angle and light. Then, he spot treated areas that needed extra coverage or areas that should be highlighted with Avon True Color Ideal Nude Cream Concealer in Netural. To add dimension and contour Sarah’s face, Allan used Avon True Color Bronzing Powder in Light Bronze and then applied Avon True Color Luminous Blush in Warm Honey to make her cheeks pop. To add a glow to her skin, Allan used the champagne color in Avon True Color 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette in Smoky Nights on all of the high points of her face like her cheekbones and down the bridge of her nose.

Lips: To finish the look, Allan lined and filled in Sarah’s lips with Avon True Color Glimmersticks Lip Liner in Peach Envy and topped off her lips with Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Marvelous Mocha.


Fall Beauty: Hit The New Season With A Glam Glow

It’s finally time to say goodbye to summer and strut into fall with style. It might feel like it’s been awhile since your last vacation; whether you’re running around a city’s fashion week or trying to get back into the busy routine of school run. The cold weather doesn’t help your skin, hair, or nails which can end up suffering.

Featured Photo from Sephora

If you don’t feel great on the outside you’ll end up heading into fall with the wrong mindset and your summer glow will become a distant memory. However, with a little bit of time and effort; you can get into a new beauty routine while giving yourself the boost you need to strut into the new season in style.


Skin And Hair

Whether it’s hot or cold; the weather can take its toll on the condition of your skin and hair. Now is the time to start your new routine before it gets and cold. Let’s start with your skin; you’ll need to switch up your routine and add some nourishing products. It’s always worth visiting a beauty counter or spa to seek advice on your skin.

Don’t be pressured into buying anything. You can take away the relevant information (and hopefully a ton of samples) and do your research on the best cleansers, toners, and moisturizers within your budget. Samples are your best bet at this stage; test each out for a few days before deciding if you can feel and see any benefits before you invest in a full sized product. By the time fall is in full swing; you’ll have discovered your ultimate skin saviors for the cold weather, and you’ll be getting your glam on every day.

Facemasks are another great way to top up moisture and restoration for your skin; take a look here: and create the ultimate Sunday night routine to give you a glow for Monday morning. Steer clear of harsh chemicals and choose products that will soothe and hydrate giving a youthful boost in no time. Treat your body to a soak in your bath tube and indulge in some bath salts, body scrub, and products with relaxing scents and soothing qualities; your skin will thank you for it. Don’t forget those feet and toes; strutting can take its toll; soak them to soften your skin and use a foot cream aimed to nourish and protect your feet (so they’re Louboutin ready).

If your hair is suffering from the rain and wind; you’ll want to wash and condition it with gentle products. Take a look here: and discover the best sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners for your hair. A weekly hair mask will also add moisture and protect your hair from the colder season.


Makeup And Cosmetics

As a fashion and beauty enthusiast; one of the best things about fall is the change in colors and hues. You can say goodbye to the pastel and primary shades that you’ve worn last summer and get the glamour of fall with deep hues in your cosmetics and your clothing. Take a look at some of the latest eye shadow palettes when you’re out shopping.

Switch up that lip color! Nothing says fall more than a deep lipstick. You may need to lighten your base color and embrace new shades of blush. Retain a dewy, youthful glow throughout fall by highlighting the right areas of your face and ensuring the rest of your makeup pops!

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Supermodel Romee Strijd with HVRMNNSN during New York Fashion Week

Supermodel Romee Strijd with HVRMNNSN during New York Fashion Week – and she wasn’t the only one!

Sustainable fashion statement

Both bags demonstrate Scandinavian design, oversized dimensions and what HVRMNNSN describes as a “sustainable fashion statement”, as the tote bags are hand sewn at a 140-year-old family-run tannery in Sweden, with organic, traceable, vegetable tanned leather.

  • HVRMNNSN tote bags are sold exclusively on
  • They cost 1,590 EUR/1,895 USD (Icon) & 1,390 EUR/1,665 USD (Pure) + VAT/taxes at the local rate. Worldwide shipping is included.

Get The Look: Prabal Gurung SS18 Runway Show

NYFW “Get the Look” hair tips from Anthony Turner for Hot Tools and Wella at Prabal Gurung.


  • Start by drying the hair straight down towards the face and back using the using the Hot Tools Tourmaline Tools SuperLite Turbo Ionic Dryer and Hot Tools Rainbow Collection Paddle Brush.
  • Once it’s all dried, wrap strands around the Hot Tools 1 ¼” Marcel Curling Iron in different directions for natural, loose waves.
  • Next, start sectioning the hair from the bottom and spritz the hair with water. Then slick the hair down with the WELLA Professional EIMI Sculpt Force. Repeat until you reach the top of the head.
  • Slick back hair starting from the hair line all the way back using the Hot Tools Comb.
  • To get that dewy yet polished look, spray the WELLA Professional EIMI Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray into dry hair for added texture.
  • Top it off with WELLA Professional EIMI Glam Mist Shine Mist for ultimate shine and polished look.



For her tenth collection, Spring/Summer 2018, designer Sandy Liang continues to approach her brand’s downtown roots with new, playful interpretations of nostalgic narrative, and elevated experimentation with shirting and all-year transitional outerwear. Liang also introduces color-blocked oversize knit polos, floaty eyelet and lace paired with her hallmark statement leather jackets and neck-cozying shearling. Piece by piece and collection by collection, Liang builds strong through lines in her clothes that reveal a consistent understanding of her girl, as well as the riffs and subversions that make her girl reminisce and smirk.

The SS18 collection plays with tensions in material and embellishment: The Bayside Fleece updates the classic layer-able outerwear with an elegant, luxury jacquard pocket, while dress cuts in the collection reference both strappy garter belts and updated school uniforms. Denim in the collection is embellished with clustered Swarovski crystals, as well as metal loops that originated as nipple jewelry offering a clever nod to punk aesthetics. Work and play combine artfully in the Corbin Belt, which is part garter, part hardware tool belt.

Tailoring is central to the collection: exciting shirting has gaps with girly peeks of skin, a leather apron is closely fitted as a kind of spare outerwear designed with a kangaroo pocket. The Wells Denim Jacket is artfully designed to hang via a long halter from the shoulders, achieving a kind of enviable forever-slouch.

Kira Shipway

Liang’s subtly wry references are woven through the collection with inventive humor. For Spring, she customized the Lit Print, which features polka dots mixed with tiny rainbow lighters. Gel-filled floral decals grace the bib of lace dresses, a touchable element balanced by the movement of ruffles and black sheer ribbons. Oversize denim is designed with deep pockets marked with a subtle “xx”– referring to the way so many women sign off their e-mails.

Bye girl xx

Kira Shipway

Tracy Reese NYFW SS18: Get The Understated Blowout With Cantu

Yesterday, Cantu took the NYFW stage again at Tracy Reese’s SS’18 presentation. The show was inspired by the message that ‘Every Woman has a Story’ and featured a mix of models alongside real women.

During the presentation, each woman shared what made them unique, what they believed in, or what inspired them – all in their native tongue.

The beauty look embraced individuality enhancing each woman’s multifaceted personality.

Hair How To: Understated Blowout

Inspiration: Embracing the texture of each woman, we wanted to create a simple yet wearable style that allowed the fashion to be the main focal point.

Hairstylist: Bok-Hee for Cantu

  • Step 1: Start by spraying roots and lengths of hair with Cantu Refresh Dry Co-Wash for a clean, conditioned base.
  • Step 2: Next, spray hair with Cantu Thermal Shield Heat Protectant and blow hair out smooth using a round brush.
  • Step 3: Once hair is smoothed out, use a 1 ½ inch curing iron to create subtle curls at the lengths. When finished, loosen up the curls with your fingers for a more subtle wave.
  • Step 4: Lastly, mold hairline around the part and face using Cantu Extra Hold Edge Stay Gel to stand up slightly.