Valentine’s Day with Sally Hansen and Rimmel London

Score an extra day of wear and up to 33% more chip resistance, all while adding the final touch to your ensemble in an instant
Why involve multiple bottles when a lightning-speed mani is at your fingertips? Sally Hansen Insta-Dri® Nail Color’s newly upgraded 3-in-1 formula with built-in base and top coat offers shiny, extended wear in a single step. The new Insta-Dri is housed in an updated bottle adorned with a gorgeous new logo and comes complete with color-matched caps for a modern, sleek feel and easy shade navigation. The revamped formula delivers an extra day of wear and chip resistance, so you can take that nail look to go- anywhere, anytime. With up to 33% longer wear and chip resistance, up to or almost 3x as many consumers preferred the new formula versus the former. Get ready on the go with Insta-Dri’s brush that covers in one stroke. One stroke, one coat, and you’re done!
Shades showed below: Watermelon Wizz, ASAP Apple, Peppy Le Fuchsia, Rapid Red
Get ready for a bold, matte lip-look that stays on. Rimmel London introduces Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour, a new liquid lipstick with high-intensity color, a velvety matte finish and a long-lasting, comfortable wear.
Shades showed below in Heartbeat and Firestarter

Event Recap: Ann Taylor | Summer 2018 Presentation Recap

Ann Taylor presented the Summer 2018 Collection in the Terrace Suite at the 11 Howard Hotel in New York City.

Inspired by the Amalfi Coast and Italian villas, the collection boasts feminine ruffles and embroidery details as well as garden greens and lush florals. The Ann Taylor Summer 2018 Collection arrives in stores this May.




Discover Cultural Delights in Montgomery: Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery Ballet, and More

Montgomery is making a name for itself as one of the cultural capitals of the South. Known for its Southern hospitality and its revitalized downtown, this riverfront capital city was the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement and has established itself as a landmark Deep South destination with much to offer in the field of arts and culture. Headlined by the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, one of the top Shakespeare festivals in the country, Montgomery presents a wide variety of high-quality cultural opportunities.

 “The wealth of cultural pursuits in our city continues to grow,” shares Vice President of Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce Dawn Hathcock. “From professional theatrical productions to world-class art collections and an accomplished local symphony, to an adventurous art collective, there is always something to do for those seeking arts and culture. Visitors who come to Montgomery for the Civil Rights monuments and museums are often delighted by our world-class cultural institutions.”

  • Alabama Shakespeare Festival, a fully professional regional theatre that produces around ten productions each season. Although productions of Shakespeare are at the artistic core of the company, the company also produces Broadway musicals, children’s productions, American classics and world premieres among their annual offerings. For more information, go to
  • Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, featuring several world-class art collections, the permanent collection of this museum includes 19th and 20th-century American paintings and sculpture, Southern regional art, Old Master prints, and decorative art including works by Hopper, Wyeth, and Dürer. For more information, go to
  • Montgomery Ballet, the only professional ballet company in Montgomery, and one of only three in the state of Alabama, the Montgomery Ballet provides a full season of moving ballet performances. Yearly performances of The Nutcrackerare complimented by other crowd favorites. The Montgomery Ballet School offers a full course of classical ballet education, along with classes in jazz, modern, tap and hip-hop.
  • Museum of Alabama, Interactive exhibits highlight this downtown museum which showcases the history of Alabama, from prehistoric times to the present day. The Museum is located at the Alabama Department of Archives and History (ADAH), the nation’s oldest state-funded, independent archival and historical agency. For more information, go to
  • Alabama Dance Theatre,an award-winning regional ballet company with an eclectic repertoire that includes 19thcentury classics as well as new modern and contemporary works. In addition to its public performances, Alabama Dance Theatre hosts a number of educational activities in the community which serve to enhance the cultural life of Montgomery.  For more information, go to
  • Montgomery Symphony Orchestra, for over 40 years, the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra has played a key role in Montgomery’s artistic community. Performing the great orchestral works, the orchestra has a full calendar of shows geared towards both classical music fans and families looking for a fun evening out. The Broadway Under the Stars Pops Concert is a yearly favorite. For more information, go to
  • Foreword South, Foreword South uses an original storytelling system to showcase the Southern identity. Seeking to be inclusive they aim to increase the visibility of Southern visionaries, activists, designers, artists, and change-makers. Foreword South engages consumers on all levels, from social media, long-form narratives, to live events that showcase the diversity of the region. For more information, go to
  • 21 Dreams Arts & Culture Collective, provides one of the key resources for artists and art enthusiasts in Montgomery. The collective influences the growth and the value of the arts in Montgomery through public engagement and creative programming ensuring accessibility for all. Each year during National Arts and Humanities Month, the group hosts “Flight of Arts”, a four-day weekend festival of workshops and exhibitions for digital, visual, performing, literary, and culinary arts held in venues around downtown Montgomery. For more information, go to
  • The Cloverdale Playhouse, a community-based, volunteer-driven performing arts center in Montgomery, Alabama. The Playhouse is dedicated to presenting entertaining, challenging, and innovative theatrical productions, as well as special performances, music series, and educational programs. For more information, go to

For more information on Montgomery, go to

About Montgomery

Situated on the banks of the Alabama River, Montgomery is the capital and the second largest city in the state of Alabama. Established in 1819, Montgomery has been the site of major historic events which have shaped the history of the United States. Emerging from its agricultural roots in the 19th century, Montgomery transformed from the Cradle of the Confederacy to the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement in less than a century. Today, this vibrant river town is experiencing a resurgence which has seen its downtown revitalized and has reestablished itself as a landmark Deep South destination.  Montgomery Regional Airport (MGM) offers non-stop flights on Delta Airlines and American Airlines. For more information, call 334-261-1100 or visit the official website of the Montgomery Convention and Visitor Bureau at  Stay connected with Montgomery on Twitter (@MGMCapitalCool) and Facebook


Valentine’s Day Beauty + Fashion Essentials – No Matter You Have Planned

On February 14th one might find themselves at a romantic dinner with their partner, working a double shift with their co-workers or stocking up on Trader Joe’s wine for a fun Galentine’s Day! See below for a V-day inspired roundup of products – starting from your skincare regime, your make-up routine, your outfit and through your meal – guaranteed to help you look and feel your best this Valentine’s Day, no matter what you have planned!

–          Pre-game Pampering – Nerium International Prolistic Skin-Balancing Probiotic Lotion ($60, – With Nerium’s exclusive ProRenew Plus, a proprietary prebiotic and probiotic blend, this lotion helps the skin maintain a healthy microbiome via a probiotic lysate, a form of probiotic that triggers the probiotic response in skin. This formula works to enhance the skin’s natural renewal process resulting in healthy-looking and feeling skin.

–          Finishing Touch – Clove + Hallow Lip Crème ($20, – Formulated with a combination of natural and organic jojoba, castor and sunflower oils, our PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan soothing Lip Crème delivers bold color with nourishing hydration in 9 satiny shades.

–          Find the Perfect Outfit – Romance is in the air this February 14th and Ann Taylor can help you find the perfect outfit for your perfect date night. This Valentine’s Day, stick with the classics and opt for simple and refined styles with flirty detailing, streamlined silhouettes, and Cupid-friendly hues from Ann Taylor’s new Spring 2018 collection.

–          Avoid Overindulging – Introducing you to the perfect little Valentine’s Day essential to help you enjoy Valentine’s Day without overindulging – Sweet Defeat, a mint-flavored lozenge, with all-natural ingredients that reduces sugar cravings in seconds. Lasting up to one hour, Sweet Defeat is that extra boost of willpower when confronted with a serious sugar craving. As we’re bombarded with heart-shaped chocolates and candies on V-Day, Sweet Defeat’s individually wrapped packets are easily kept in your purse, gym bag or work drawer. ($26.95 for a 20ct. box)

10 Healthy and Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Toss that box of chocolates! Forget the flowers! This year, why not show that special someone you REALLY love them with these very alluring, romantic, and healthy alternatives!

The editors and experts at offer these fun non-traditional ways to heat up your Valentine’s Day!

Colorful and oh-so-romantic, strawberries are packed with Vitamin C, which bolsters the immune system. Serve them with low-fat fruit yogurt, and a cup of green tea instead of coffee. Green tea contains powerful blood-thinning agents called flavonoids, which can reduce the risk of dangerous blood clots by 60 percent.

Yoga expert Gwen Lawrence, author of Body Sculpting with Yoga, says yoga refreshes, relaxes and restores. It increases strength and flexibility. Enthusiasts even claim yoga boosts your desire! So what are you waiting for?

Stock up on a bottle of fragrant massage oil infused with jasmine. Jasmine is a relaxing, sensuous, and alluring scent. Rub those achy shoulders and backs. You’ll be steaming up the room in no time!

Rather than stay at home, venture to a quiet and cozy bed and breakfast or spa where you can spend the weekend hiking, cross-country skiing, or mountain biking. Perhaps even do some “forest bathing” as recommended by Nina Smiley, author of Mindfulness in Nature.

Cook a delicious low-fat, low-calorie meal together. Experiment with healthy cuisine from around the world. Add some real spice, too! Onions, garlic, and ginger are rich in compounds that destroy viruses and bacteria.

Rather than beer or other alcoholic beverages, opt for a glass of red wine. Red wine is rich with anti-oxidants called phenolics, and red wine drinkers have a 50% lower risk of diabetes. Find out more about including red wine in your diet in the new book The Mamma Mia! Diet.

Exercise classes are not only very motivating, they are a great way to meet new friends who share a common interest in exercise and health. Treat yourself to new workout attire, while you are at it.

Over time, running shoes wear out. The soles no longer act as shock absorbers and the shock gets passed along to your bones and joints. Terri Schneider, the author of Runner’s Workout Handbook, recommends a brand new pair of running shoes as a great fitness gift which also helps prevent injuries.

That’s right, dancing is a great way to burn calories together. Try the twist, the foxtrot, or–if you are daring–the tango, the most romantic of all dances. Want more? Dancing can burn over 300 calories per hour.

While non-traditional ideas are great fun and can be healthy too, don’t put yourself under needless stress by forgetting to give your special someone a Valentine’s Day card! Love can be a tonic for all of life’s challenges, so don’t take it for granted.


Getfitnow is the leading internet destination for health and fitness. Experts in nutrition, exercise, and wellness contribute to a community devoted to healthy living.


Lifestyle Alert: Building Your Knowledge for Better Results and Personal Growth

As much as you might think you know, you can always, always know more. The opportunities out there in the modern world are more available than ever and if you want to move towards improvement in your career, life, or even your style then seeking out these opportunities has never been easier.

Building your knowledge in all aspects of life is essential for continuing personal growth as well as expanding your options should you ever feel like moving on from your current career. Furthermore, you will open your eyes to different experiences and have the chance to share this knowledge with the world and become a valuable asset for any business, friend, or organization.


It’s never too late to go back to school. If you want to build on your existing knowledge or even learn something completely different, then the opportunity is out there, you’ve just got to know what you want to do.

As the world evolves, the lines between different industries are becoming ever more blurred, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe you have the knack or experience in a specific sector, as most will overlap now, anyway. As an example, researching options for lean manufacturing education can help even if you aren’t interested in manufacturing. It can still pay dividends for consulting as well as help build experience in general business if you are feeling the itch to start your own company.


Of course, you don’t need to go back to school. Seeking out advice from someone who has the expertise you are chasing will help immeasurably towards improving your knowledge and inspiring you for a fraction of the educational cost.

Working with an expert in fields such as fashion, design, blogging, and more will introduce you to the intricacies of the business and let you peek behind the curtain. This will provide you with essential knowledge and help you decide what next step is right for you. In addition to this, you will be able to build a relationship with said person and rely on them for advice for the rest of your career and perhaps even end up collaborating with them.


Keeping up with the trends of the world can often seem overwhelming at best to downright intimidating at worst. Some people dread to attend events and talk with new people, but this is essential for building a substantial network of like-minded people who are looking to succeed.

This is because ambition is naturally infectious. You will also become privy to upcoming trends and styles and allow you to be a step ahead of the rest when considering how to approach your next project. Establishing a plethora of connections is also vital to assist in the promotion of your brand and will aid in building your reputation in your industry.


While you won’t see the results you might desire immediately, getting your foot in the door and exploring opportunities that you may have previously neglected is essential to discovering what is best for you. Furthermore, it will help you build your portfolio as a designer, a blogger, or a business owner.

Diving head first into something new is scary, but sticking to your comfort zone can be even more terrifying. Instead of getting stuck in a rut, roll on forward and grasp these opportunities by the collar.

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