Boho Fashion Style for the Plus-Size Girls: Feel Comfortably Stylish

Boho, or the Bohemian style, is a fashion trend that has long-lasting appeal. Initially, the style was popular among hippie youth, but it evolved to suit any fashion enthusiast. Whether you are a plus-size or an hourglass model searching for unconventional attire to wear at the beach, to a friend’s party, dinner, or even a shopping spree, boho style has your back! You will always feel comfortably stylish when wearing your favorite boho clothing.

Characteristics of Boho Fashion 

Boho trends represent exotic substitutes of typical fashion in a given era. Historians attribute the fashion to intellectuals, artists, and writers. The dress code integrates different clothing styles from across the globe and historical outfits.

The plus size boho dresses are loose and colorful attires (often dubbed aesthetic dresses, boho chic, or hippie style) that make any girl stand out from the crowd.

The boho trend also embraces threadbare fabrics representing a counterculture that portrays a lack of interest in traditions and social structures. The fashion also features themes of poverty and creativity.

Other elements that complement boho fashion include:

  • Layered scarves and jewelry
  • Theater attire
  • Historical fashion trends
  • Loose outer garments and hair that suits plus-size women perfectly

Boho Trend History 

Boho fashion started in France as a counterculture. Following the French Revolution, many artists wallowed into poverty because they lost the sponsorship of wealthy customers. Consequently, the artists lived cheaply and moved from one place to another. Their clothes were old, unfashionable, and worn-out.

The bourgeois classified artists as talented craft artisans. However, the 18th century Romantic Movement emphasized creativity that people mainly expressed in how they dressed.

In many cases, the bohemians often dressed in old shoes and threadbare coats that reflected disheveled people.

Modern Boho Outfits 

Presently, boho fashion is available in diverse silhouettes, cuts, and shapes. You can also pick outfits designed from a broad range of techniques, fabrics, and patterns.

Some of the widely used fabrics include chiffon, cotton, linen, and leather. Some fabrics also feature floral prints, lace, and crochet. The boho outfit cuts and fabric choice depends on whether you are looking for flexible winter or summer fashion.

You can also throw in complementary fashion pieces such as a handbag or even a trendy trench coat. Boho fashion is flexible; therefore, select a dress code that makes you feel great.

How to Pull Off Boho Fashion Trends 

If you dress in an official outfit throughout the week, you must be waiting eagerly for the weekend so that you can have a change. The boho trends have a wide variety of clothes to match the confident and plus-sized girls’ requirements.

When selecting your preferred outfits, however, ensure to follow these conventional boho codes.

  • Choose unstructured, lightweight, and loose style
  • Pick an expressive and relaxed appearance with vintage details
  • Buy from the thrift stores so that you can buy affordable outfits
  • Creases are part of the disheveled fashion, do not bother to iron
  • Remember to throw in some extra accessories
  • Include floral, animal, or another noticeable pattern somewhere

Surefire Accessories to Complement Boho Style 

Modern fashion trends discourage too many accessories. Fashion gurus recommend that plus-size girls can wear a diamond bracelet or watch, and a pair of sunglasses only.

On the contrary, the bohemian culture encourages you to select a wide variety of accessories (after all, vintage and artisanal items are available in dollar stores).

Some of the accessories to consider include:

  • Oversized sunglasses
  • A straw hat
  • Patterned scarf
  • Canvas tote bag
  • Wooden bead bracelet

Boho Shoe Styles 

Once you pick the clothes and accessories, choose shoes that will enhance your fashion statement. Remember, comfort and safety should be your primary concern. Some of the popular boho shoe designs include:

  • Ankle boots with a buckle
  • Patterned flat sandals
  • High heels ankle boots
  • Flat summer sandals with beaded straps
  • Gladiator sandals with sexy lace-up
  • Beach flip flops
  • Fur boots
  • Riveted peep toe high heels
  • Vintage slip-on boots
  • Wedge platforms

Boho is almost an attitude. It is wearing what you like and pulling it together until you get the right vibe. Feel good, girls. Enjoy your boho fashion craze. You deserve some happiness.

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