Victoria Secret Fashion Show and Karlie Kloss Beauty Secret

The 12th Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired last night and men and women everywhere were in awe of the flawless models. One Angel we couldn’t take our eyes off of was Karlie Kloss. From her intricate outfits to delicate make up and shining hair, Karlie stole the show and was a picture of perfection.

image001 (1)

Wonder what is in Karlie’s beauty regimen? When previously interviewed by InStyle on how she keeps her hair healthy, Karlie said, “I take fish oil and a dietary supplement called Viviscal. It’s all-natural and very nourishing.”

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Karlie joins a long list of celebrities who rely on “the beauty pill” to keep their tresses red-carpet and runway-ready. Other fans of Viviscal include Miley Cyrus, Miranda Lambert, Cynthia Nixon, Reese Witherspoon and more!


Vanesa Rey Necklace Case for Iphone 5 | Cool New Tech Accessory

Vanesa Rey has created the latest, fashion tech accessory for all “of the cool kids.”  She’s designed a Necklace Case for your Iphone 5; talking about a hip new trend!


How many times have we lost our cellphones or digging around in our purse to answer a call?  Thanks to Vanesa, we can now wear our cellphone and look stylish while we’re doing it.

Not only is the case very chic but it’s also made of vegan leather (durable) for those with a busy lifestyle.  In addition, the Necklace Case holds your credit card/money on days you’re running around with a light load.

I encourage any stylista who’s obsessed with their cellphone (like myself) to check out the website: 

In my opinion, the Necklace Case for Iphone 5 is the perfect marriage between fashion, function, and technology!

photo (25)

photo (24)

Banana Republic Factory Store Holiday Campaign: Glimmering in Green

The Banana Republic brand has been one of my favorite retailers for a very long time.  Because I have a petite frame (with a certain amount of curves) their clothing fits me well without having to compromise my style.


When contacted me to participate in their holiday campaign, I instantly began to think of concepts that would create a polished, sophisticated look.

I feel in love with the set below because the color green compliments all skin tones and matches perfectly with neutral pants.  This blouse also ties in the front, and the appropriate jewelry would be a classic layer necklace.


This look would not be complete without a pair of metal (Holly) aviator sunglasses.  I like to wear sunglasses year round to protect my eyes from the natural glare.

Lastly, because I am a super, bargain shopper I also purchased a red blouse to add some “holiday sparkle” to my wardrobe.



Print Blouse BRFS | Chandelier Earrings BRFS | Necklace BRFS | Pants BRFS


Don’t forget to shop the “BRFS 50% off all dresses” event starting today until December 12, 2013.  I am sure you will find something stylish and affordable!


Holiday Dressing Cheat Sheet from Blonder Ambitions Blog

I discovered the blog, Blonder Ambitions while visiting my favorite inspiration site  When I saw this grid, I instantly wanted to share it with my readers because it’s perfect for dressing up during the holiday season.

From the Holiday Office Party to A Holiday Party With Your Girls, KiKi provides style tips that will benefit any girl who’s preparing for holiday fun.  And don’t worry, she also gives the price of products along with a quick breakdown!


To view the cheat sheet in a larger format, click on the link: Blonder

Dress Your Best to Meet the Parents: Fashionable, Chic, and Classy

The holidays – like Thanksgiving –  are a stressful time for ladies who will be meeting their man’s parents for the first time.  You must find the perfect look to impress his mom and sisters — one that’s fashionable, chic and classy.



No one will be a better judge of the in-law’s judgment than your significant other. Ask him what his moms and sister’s fashion sense is. Check out Facebook photos from past holidays. If they look like East Coast Blue Bloods, dress conservative. If they’re total ex-Berkeley activists, try hippie chic and go vintage.

Bring one flowery dinner outfit, one semi-sexy outfit for a night on the town with your guy, and one laid back combo for that Sunday morning stroll with his mom. Tiny skirts are best left at home – because you don’t want them to think you’re Miley’s doppelganger – and don’t channel Lady Gaga with uncomfortable fashion ensembles that will just make Granny give you side eye.


Pack tons of great accessories, especially a statement necklace to glam up any normal outfit. Stella & Dot pieces, for example, can enrich any holiday outfit.

We know you can’t bring your fashionable friends that weekend to help you find your perfect outfit. But you can send them your fashion selfies and ask them for advice. Postelio is the perfect app to quickly and discreetly ask your friends for fashion advice.

About Postelio

Founded in 2012, Postelio ( allows you to quickly ask friends and family for opinions on the items you like while out making purchases – all through your phone. You can also check out what is trending around you, follow your favorite stores, get top deals, and even earn points that you can redeem for cash or rewards. The platform enables you to quickly reach key friends and family at shopping decision-making times and fashion emergencies. While shopping at our retail partners, you receive deals as you visit the store, helping shopper get great deals, and helping  retailers. Postelio’s first iPhone app was launched in August 2013 and the android app was launched in October 2013.

Christina Aguilera at the AMA Awards: Red Carpet How-To from Stylist David Babaii

The 41st Annual American Music Awards aired yesterday and Christina Aguilera stole the show the moment she stepped out on the red carpet, and again shortly after she took the stage for her moving performance. From head to toe, Christina was the epitome of timeless beauty on the red carpet in a Maria Lucia Hohan crisp white satin gown with a side slit and diamond-shaped side cut-outs at the waist, Christian Louboutin shoes, a Jimmy Choo bag, Lorraine Schwartz jewels, and flawless makeup. Christina’s look was highlighted by smooth, voluminous curls courtesy of celebrity stylist, David Babaii.

Christina Aguilera

Come her emotionally charged performance, Say Something, with A Great Big World, David styled the songstress’ hair perfectly, with an on-trend bun and braided headband. To achieve her look, David explained you need to start with damp hair and blow it out straight with a sleek center part. Then, he took a significant amount of hair at the nape of the neck and braided it tightly, bringing it up and over the head. He secured it with bobby pins and took the rest of Christina’s hair and put it in a low bun, spritzing it with a styling spray to ensure everything stayed in place during her performance.

For fans of The Voice, this style may look familiar. Well known for her platinum locks and refined style, Christina recently took to her red chair rocking a similar ‘do.

When asked what he suggests for those trying to achieve Christina’s look at home, David mentioned “I recommend Christina and whoever else wants luscious thick hair start taking Viviscal because it makes a big difference and helps achieve luscious, thick, beautiful hair.” While he also said Christina’s tresses are gorgeous, not all of us are blessed with that naturally. Viviscal is perfect for anyone who is looking to get thicker, fuller, healthier hair. David takes Viviscal himself and mentioned he strongly believes “good hair comes from within.”


Beauty Box 5: Beauty Sampling Program, Regimen, and Products Review

Beauty Box 5 is a beauty sampling program where subscribers receive new products in the mail on a monthly basis.  Luckliy, I participate in one of their blogger programs and to my excitement received my first “beauty box” two weeks ago.  Of course, when you receive the products in the mail, you are eager to see if they work with your individual regimen.

In my first subscription box, I was given Aveeno Positively Nourishing Body Wash, Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Cooling Face Mask, Secret Clinical Strenght Antiperspirant & Deodorant, Body Drench Lip Drench, and Bellapierre Cosmetics Shimmer Powder.  Honestly, I have to admit that I love all of the products (and not saying this because I am affiliated with their program!)


Beauty Box 5 does not send (only) a box of cosmetics but practical products that we want to purchase from our local drug store but not sure if we will like the actual product.

For example, we are now in the winter months and my lips are dry.  I was able to use the Body Drench Lip Drench daily to keep my lips moisturized.  The Aveeno Calming Body Wash is gentle on my skin because (again) we have harsh weather but I also suffer from eczema and having a reliable body wash is a plus for me.

And how many times have we wanted to change our deodorant but hesitant because we’re not sure if it will work with our body chemistry.  I received Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant & Deodorant with my box and it was not the size of an ordinary sample.  This was a decent size product and smells really great as well.

If you’re searching for an affordable beauty program with a variety of products, I suggest subscribing to Beauty Box 5 and start changing your beauty regimen with better products.


From the Office to Happy Hour: Transitioning to a Professional Wardrobe Tips

Building a professional wardrobe that’s affordable and timeless can be a difficult task but purchasing the right pieces can also be an investment.

Very often, your career will dictate a variety of social affairs such as attending an office meeting, company picnic, or even a happy hour.


To help us transition from the desk to a night out with our colleagues, I’ve provided a few dress options below for inspiration. The options shown take into consideration an individual’s personal style, figure type, and office setting.

Most importantly, one suggestion that I always recommend (to those seeking to build a professional wardrobe) is to shop a variety of brands that will help pull together the right professional wardrobe.

Transitioning to a Professional Wardrobe Tips


1. Pencil Skirt, Clutch Bag, and Stud Earrings

Professional Dress Tips

2. Peplum Top, Stilleto Pumps, Pearl Necklace

Professional Dress Tips #2



3. Large Cuff Bracelet, Leather Dress, and Red Black Lipstick

Professional Dress Tip #3



4. Nude Nail Polish, Hoop Earrings, Tux Blazer

Professional Dress Tips #4

Shopping Tips: The Right Gifts for a Newborn Baby

The recent birth of the third in line to the throne has ignited excitement in people all over the world, with Will and Kate having a healthy baby boy to begin their family together. With the new baby being given the moniker George Alexander Louis, baby fever has already reached new heights, with social networks being swamped with the news.

Of course, the Royals aren’t the only people to have had a baby on the 22nd July and whether you’re a lucky parent or you’re close to someone who is, it’s an ideal time to treat the newborn to a couple of gifts to celebrate their arrival.

It’s easy to get carried away with shopping for a new baby; the cutesy items almost jumping off the rails and landing in your trolley, so an element of sense will be required unless you have plenty of money to splash. What does a newborn baby need? Most expectant parents will already be well stocked on many of the essentials and unless you’ve been proactive and asked about what they actually need you will be spoilt for choice once you get to the shops.

Baby blankets are a great gift for newborn. While the current heatwave means chances of needing one are pretty slim, we all know how quickly the weather can turn. George’s range of baby blankets will appeal to most tastes and with luxuriously soft cotton fabrics, baby will feel cosy, warm and most of all, content.

Bibs and Muslin Squares are a lifesaver with new babies, with muslins continuing to be useful way into toddlerhood in some cases. Bibs are a popular addition to any baby gift parcel but chances are, they will all come in use.

Nappy Cakes are a fun take on a typical baby gift that can be given during baby showers or following the baby’s birth. Nappies will always be needed and form the basics of the cake creating the shape while adding other goodies, such as toiletries, booties, bibs or comforters, before wrapping it up in one big, elaborate display.

Clothes will always be welcome but remember that newborns won’t require too many outfits before they grow out of them. If you do choose to buy an outfit or two, buy them in different sizes so that the new baby can grow into them, rather than it sitting in their wardrobe with its label still attached.

Starter Parks are a great way to buy a matching set for the little one, including bodysuit, top, sleepsuit, hat, bib and mittens – perfect if you’re a little overwhelmed and you’re not sure what to buy for them.

Shopping for babies is great fun, with so much to choose from at George at ASDA. Before you head for the checkout with your micro-purchases, pop by the flower aisle and pick up a bunch as well as a lovely box of chocolates – the new mum will certainly appreciate the thought, seeing as though she’s been through so much too!

{REPOST} Dressing for a Fashion Event 101

To support the fashion industry in the state of Maryland, I will be attending Baltimore Fashion Week 2012. Although it’s exciting to see what each designer has to offer, there’s always a question of, “What should I wear to a fashion show or how should I dress?”

Whether it’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week or you’re attending Fashion’s Night Out, most participants want to look sleek, chic, and pulled together.   And it doesn’t hurt to try a new trend or wear something that’s created by the designer.

But, if you want to make a statement, keep in mind (when shopping) what’s your personal style.  Below I have created some style inspiration for attending a fashion event!

 Dressing For A Fashion Event 101:

1.   Support the Designer (if you can) and wear something from a previous collection.

2.  Seek to look casual and chic.  For example, wear a pair of well fit slacks and blazer; a sheath dress with pumps; or jumpsuit with bold accessories.

3.  Take into consideration the time and season of the event. Most shows happen early fall, mid winter, and early spring.

4.  Carry an oversized bag or clutch for your camera, notebook, e tablet, or any other important accessories.

5.  If you’re walking to a variety of shows, parties, or boutiques keep a pair of flats in your purse.  Nothing is worth having foot pain at the end of the night!





The Show #1

Sequin top
$31 –

H m blazer
$47 –

Valentino tech accessory
$610 –


The Show #2

Talbot Runhof classic black dress
$2,590 –

Stacking bangle
$18 –

Ellis Faas lip makeup
$35 –

The Show #3



The Editor’s Look for BFW 2012


Dress: bebe| Speedy Damier Handbag and Charm: Louis Vuitton | Shoes: bebe

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