Designer Kyle Ng brings streetwear to television with fashion series, ‘Social Fabric’ returning this May on Fuse

Designer Kyle Ng and Social Fabric will return to Fuse Tuesday, May 1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Enter Kyle’s world, where clothing, culture, and style weave a fascinating story that reveals we are all cut from the same cloth.

For six half-hour episodes, host Kyle will take viewers on a vibrant and colorful journey across the globe, from NYC to Japan, from downtown LA and Nairobi as we meet an eclectic array of designers and collectors who show us the history and the culture behind the clothing we chose to put on our backs. This season Kyle will explore everything from camo to Hip-hop jewelry-preneurs to lifestyle clothing and beyond.

Kicking off the show’s return will be the rebellious flair of “Leather Jackets.” Kyle hits the road with bikers in Brooklyn and punk rockers in Japan, then arrive in Los Angeles where they make the most artistic leather jackets in the world. The following week on May 8, Kyle explores “Crazy Pants” culture – slipping into the zaniest pants in the world. He’ll team up with top designer Jay Kos in New York City, then travel to Japan to see far–out work pants designs. He’ll finish up in Bushwick to put the WTF into DIY pants culture.

The conversation continues on with the digital series “Closet Tours,” offering a peek inside the closets of different designers including Jeff Hamilton, Daniel Nelson and Miguel Larios. And “Cool Stuff” has Kyle trying on different types of clothing, explaining the history behind his threads.

Social Fabric is the winner of a 2018 NAMIC “Lifestyle” Award.