Misook Woven Sheath Dress: Summer Sophistication Collection

When I have a meeting or church event, dresses are my favorite option.  They’re easy to wear and accessorize with a great pair of shoes.  The key to selecting a dress that’s fab and not drab has to do with the color.  This is the one area that’s often understated because we become visually intrigued by the style of dresses.

Although the fit and design are equally important, selecting complementary colors are a high priority for my wardrobe.  Jewel tones are always an accent to my complexion and this dress was no exception.

Misook shipped this beautiful Red Woven Sheath Dress and Mother of Pearl Necklace.  There’s nothing better than a sheath dress!  Right!  I couldn’t wait to add this dress to my collection for several reasons.  Number one, its form-fitting which accents my frame.  Number two, the side pockets are functional and allows me to place items in them throughout the day.  Number three, the dress can be hand-washed.  Who has the time to make a dry cleaner run?

Some additional style ideas for the Woven Sheath Dress are adding a dark wash denim jacket and statement necklace.

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