National Drink Wine Day – How To Celebrate

Thursday, February 18th is National Drink Wine Day and what better way to pay tribute to this holiday than to “wine” down and kick off the weekend with a glass (or two) of your favorite wine.

Whether you prefer to honor this holiday with friends, at the office or alone at home-sweet-home, below please find four essentials for your celebration.

The Perfect Sip: Santa Margherita


Santa Margherita

Savor Every Drop: Wine Aerator

Celebrate the reason for this holiday with a varietal from Santa Margherita’s collection. Santa Margherita’s Pinot Grigio Alto Adige is a dry white – a wine of great personality and versatility. Chianti Classico Riserva is an intriguing red, absorbing an array of earthly wide-ranging aromatics. Prosecco Superiore is a sparkling wine and the perfect base for a variety of bubbly cocktails. ($17.99 – $26.99)

Krups Wine Aerator

A Toast to Thursday: Stemware

KRUPS 2-Bottle Wine Aerator offers your guests their favorite glass of red or white wine chilled to perfection. The KRUPS Wine Aerator allows you to chill, aerate, serve and preserve wine all at once. With a preserve function that features a vacuum technology and removes oxygen from the bottle, you can preserve wine for up to 10 days making the most out of each bottle. ($499.99)


Drink Without Damage: Teeth Whitener

Prep for the evening by decorating your celebration space with sophisticated pieces from Fitz and Floyd. Friends and family will love sipping their favorite varietal out of these glamourous glasses. ($49.99/4-piece set)


Supersmile Quikee’s on-the-go instant stain removing formula comes to the rescue after a night of drinking red wine. Their formula with Calprox guarantees whiter teeth, removes stains and freshens breath without brushing or rinsing. A quick swipe of the tongue and smiles and breath is refreshed. The tube is conveniently the same size as a tube of lip balm so you can keep it as discrete as you need. ($18)