Shoedazzle – Stiletto Society Brand Ambassador

I was invited to join the Stiletto Society, Shoedazzle‘s exclusive brand ambassador program.  I’m extremely excited because I joined Shoedazzle two years ago for specific reasons.  Although I love to own stylish clothing, my shoe wardrobe was suffering tremendously.  I owned several pairs of shoes but they were not fashionable and did not fit my lifestyle.  I needed a variety of pumps, platforms, and boots.

I came across Shoedazzle through the internet and started to research their subscription.  The membership was easy and affordable.  What intrigued me the most was that my order arrived at my doorstep!  The membership has been a good experience but I have a few tips:

    1. Know your exact shoe size prior to ordering.
    2. Use a shoe insoles for 4 inch heels.
    3. Store your shoes properly after each wear.
    4. Have fun mixing and matching in your current wardrobe.

Since that time, I have also expanded my accessories to the Shoedazzle handbag collection.  I was curious about their purses and needed to give my other brands a break.  To my surprise, I received my first handbag in the mail.  The quality of the bag was nice and the style was true to the website picture.

Check back with this site (over the next few months) because I will be hosting style parties, sharing special deals, and of course…new shoes!

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