5 Must-Have Sleeves for Your Wardrobe

Having a sleeve style for different types of dresses and tops is vital as it is a defining factor of how it will look on you. Therefore, as you buy different garbs, consider the sleeve since it can change how your clothes look on the body in a big way. Plus, if you want to improve how great your Instagram pictures look, then ensure you make complimentary and cool sleeve choices. Today, there are many sleeve styles in the cycles of fashion that are reintroduced, revisited, and reinvented. In this article, are five types of sleeves that you should have in your wardrobe.

  • The puff sleeve 

The puff sleeve is stylish and striking. It is also known as the peasant sleeve, and it is a favorite choice of high-class fashion designers. This sleeve is not just for the designer as it is popular in everyday styles as well. Many women try this puff sleeve style as it looks impressive, and it is the most enduring for women’s full sleeve tops and dresses. When you choose to wear a garment with this sleeve, it should stand out as the centerpiece. It is classic, pretty, striking and in most cases, exaggerated. Balance the other outfits by wearing classic bottoms in chic but unassuming colors. One way to style it is with a classic V-neck and accentuate your style by adding layered neck chains.

  • The bell sleeve 

The bell or flare sleeve is a dramatic and delicate style. It is a modern fashion trend, and it fits well on the shoulder areas and flares out towards the sleeve. It is common on runways and is available on high street markets too. A bell sleeve can be in your work shirt, sleek dresses, and also your ethnic wear. When your outfit has bell sleeves, it adds a unique dose of fashion, even for simple outfits. As you shop for your sleeve, choose the one that has flare and matches the level of style you feel comfortable in and with a touch of embellishments. To style with a bell sleeve, keep the rest of your look minimal.

  • The ruffle sleeve

If you want a girly, pretty, and unapologetically feminine sleeve, the ruffle sleeve is a perfect choice. Also known as the flounce sleeve, it gives a minimal statement without losing its flair. For such an elegant sleeve, you can choose a simple design with light flares to dramatic styles that have long flounces and make a statement in a quiet but confident way. Ruffle sleeves are for simple and casual styles. Thus, wear it tucked in a denim skirt or a pair of jeans for a girl next door look. Add a youthful spin with fun accessories, headbands, and wear a backpack as an accessory.

  • The raglan sleeve 

The sporty and chic raglan sleeve style is a variation of the drop sleeve but still maintains a tight silhouette. You can buy half or full sleeves in t-shirts. They are a sleeve style for activewear since their design helps with flexibility and easy movements. Style this sleeve style garbs with high waist trousers or a pair of chinos for a smart-casual look, if you want a raglan sleeve that goes beyond the usual fare of athleisure. Choose one that is made of interesting materials to get a super feminine look and one with embellishments to make it stand out. 

  • The off-shoulder sleeve 

Others know it as the cold shoulder sleeve. It is popular and eye-catching. It is among the most sophisticated sleeve styles available in the women’s wear category, and they are all the rage today. This trendy sleeve can be constructed in many silhouettes and can have a mix of other sleeve styles like the flouncy, bell, and ruffle. It is a summer favorite as it allows your shoulder and collar bone areas to be out naturally, and it gives a youthful charm to your overall ensemble. To style this sleeve, it is not for the faint-hearted. Although it is a favorite among the Gen-Z and millennials, it is not limited to them. One way to wear it is as a skirt combo in a single color for a bold look. 

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