Style Tribes | The Fashion of Subcultures

Before it hits the runways, and long before it makes it to your local retail racks, fashion grows in unusual places – in social subcultures, among artists, musicians, and other creative and marginalized communities around the world – communities dominated by youth who rely on resourcefulness, passion, joy and political and social outrage to express their identity.


Style Tribes: The Fashion of Subcultures explores the looks and ideologies of these movements over the past century, from the Harlem renaissance to riot grrrls and Harajuku – all gorgeously illustrated with archival and contemporary images.
Book Review:
Style Tribes (The Fashion of Subcultures) has an amazing book cover!  It’s the perfect combination between art, fashion, and cultural awareness.


We often see the hashtag #streetstyle but do we really understand the history or meaning of the term?  This book explains the beginning of fashion (as a movement) while going beyond the showcase of beautiful design pieces.  It captures the authentic style of “real people” with a historical flair; starting with the Flapper era and ending with Kogal.


Historic Costume was one of my favorite fashion courses and this book is now part of my couture library.  The content and photos are inspirational; perfect for any aspiring fashion influencer or professional.  To order click here:  Style Tribes – The Fashion of Subcultures