Soft Surroundings Artist Topper | Easy Well-Made Style

Bohemian style is the concept of wearing clothing that’s free with flowing fabrics. It’s the perfect summer option because this style allows one to layer clothing and accessories.

Soft Surroundings is one of my favorite retailers.  The company specializes in soft, luxurious designs.

How does this relate to style bloggers? They have well-made affordable pieces for all age groups.  On-trend shoppers can find a Tie-Dye Jumpsuit while seasoned shoppers can purchase a Terry Pull-Over.

The company collaborated with this post; shipping an Artist Topper.  This versatile piece is lightweight with red tassels and kimono style sleeves.

The topper (in the photo below) was paired with a Felt Hat, Denim Shorts, and Ankle Booties.

Additional style ideas include wearing with High-Waisted Leggings or Jersey Dress. Visit your local Soft Surroundings for more easy, well-made style!