Blog Design Trends For 2019

Another year has almost been and gone. 2018 was a year of monumental change in website design. New trends came to the fore, whilst particular styles and tactics were cast away. 2019 is going to be no different. As long as the Internet continues to grow at the rapid pace it currently is, we can expect changes in the industry to be frequent. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover some of the best trends for your blog during the months ahead…

Security first

There is only one place to begin, and this is with website security. Internet users today are more careful than they ever have been, and rightly so. It is up to you to make them feel safe when they enter your blog. You need to look for tools like identity verification services that are dependable to make sure that this is the case. Security is only going to get more and more important as time passes.


The popularity of videos is set to soar over the coming months, let alone the coming year. Nowadays it is all about providing individuals with easy, convenient and effective ways to find out information. Many companies are in favor of videos because at the end of the day, why read something when you can watch it? This is particularly beneficial when trying to show off one of your products on your e-commerce website.


This is a trend that seems to be growing year on year, and in 2019 we can really expect to see it reach its peak. User interactivity and animation have allowed storytelling to be taken to an entirely new level. So, how does it work? It’s quite simple. The idea is that as a user scrolls down your blog page, the page morphs along the way to tell a story. This visual concept is being embraced by a lot of the best companies. It offers an easy, effective and enjoyable way of explaining a procedure or what your business is all about. It’s definitely a lot more exciting than reading a block of text.

Flat design

Flat design is definitely going to be embraced throughout 2019. This all began with Apple making the move away from gradients and drop shadows to provide customers with a completely flat design. More and more sites are embracing this now. It looks cleaner, neater and many will agree that it is more visually appealing. Moreover, if Apple has set a trend, you can guarantee there will be plenty of followers.

So there you have it – some of the top trends to embrace throughout the coming year. From flat design to storytelling, there are some exciting changes happening in the industry. And, as always, you have to be ready to adapt to them.  Nonetheless, remember, you should never just implement a trend for the sake of it. Think carefully about what it is going to offer your client’s website.

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Blogging Business: Rachel Parcell From Pink Peonies Featured on Forbes #Entrepreneurship

Rachel Parcell is the owner of Pink Peonies fashion blog and clothing brand designer.  Recently, she was featured on Forbes in the article:  How The 26-Year-Old Founder Of Pink Peonies Turned Her Blog Into A Million-Dollar Business.

This is a must-read article for bloggers and business women! Rachel states, “The biggest misconception about bloggers is that they’re materialistic and they have the easiest job in the world. Being a blogger is a 24/7 job that is extremely hard and takes so much more time and dedication than anyone realizes. A blogger—especially one in the early phases of starting a blog—has to wear so many hats: creative director, stylist, photographer, model, writer, editor, marketer, and the list goes on. The women who have turned a space on the Internet into a full-fledged business are brilliant, hard-working businesswomen who don’t get enough credit.”

According to Forbes, she continues to provide business advice saying, “Be creative, work hard, stay positive, never give up and be willing to take risks!”

Read more about the article here:  How The 26-Year-Old Founder Of Pink Peonies Turned Her Blog Into A Million-Dollar Business.

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Could Your Blog Be A Business Opportunity?

It’s no secret that a whole bunch of people out there want to work from home. It’s a desired way of life for many! However, to work from home, you need to find an opportunity. For many, that isn’t easy, and it will keep the ‘work from home’ dream at bay. For others, opportunity might be right there in front of them, waiting to be grabbed! Those opportunities? They depend on who you are and what skills you can bring to the table, if you’ve got the skills to be creative and offer something, you might be able to find opportunities to work from home easier to come by.

Featured Photo from

If you can write and deliver content to an audience – blogging might be the work from home opportunity you have been looking for. Blogging is all about content creation. Some choose to blog via words on a written blog; others make videos or vlogs for their channel or webpage. Others will make audio and spoken word podcasts. Altogether that is content creation to push views to an audience. That’s what blogging is always going to be about. Bloggers write about fashion, sport, style – so find your niche and build your following, because that is going to be exactly what you need to ensure your blog can allow you to work from home.

Why is that? Well – a blog without followers is going to find it harder to gain money through monetization. A blog monetizes itself through sponsored content, affiliate marketing, a general sponsor and commercials in general. You can’t gain these money-making opportunities unless you have some kind of a following, because that is what these advertisers and sponsors will be buying – your following. A bigger following? That means more money for your blog and yourself. However, you will find it hard to gain cash if you don’t have a following – so focus on being the kind of content creator that people actually follow!


To turn your blog into a business, you’ll need to treat it as less of a hobby and more of an opportunity for business. Now, that doesn’t mean chucking the fun of it all out of the window; it just means taking a serious and practical approach to your blogging. You see, if you are making money from your blog, it’s a job! Who doesn’t take their job seriously? Well – people who won’t be in that job for long, for one. You need to treat it as a business and treat it as a global one at that – your blog will be viewed by people all around the world, so you might need to get an abroad virtual business address for any business dealings overseas. Make sure your blog looks professional as well.

Can your blog be a business opportunity! Yes – if you’ve got the following, however you will need to treat it like a business opportunity if you want to make any money out of it. If you treat your blog like a business, it could be the opportunity you have been looking for.

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Blair Eadie: Pronovias’ 2017 American It Bride

PRONOVIAS, the leading Company in the world of wedding dresses, moves full speed ahead with its successful digital project, #PronoviasItBrides,  conceived with the purpose of inspiring all future brides to say “I do” while wearing  their dream dress that enhances one’s individual style and personality.

Thanks to the success of the project, Pronovias plans to support it further as it believes in the importance of uniting the tradition of the Spanish company with the most influential digital ambassadors, creating relationships with the best-known and loved faces in social media. Last year, Pronovias worked with American influencers Whitney Port, Danielle Bernstein, Rumi Neely, and Jennifer Grace to head the It Bride campaign in the USA. This year, the American face of the Atelier Pronovias 2017 Collection is NYC-based Blair Eadie, author of the hit fashion blog, Atlantic-Pacific.

With a total social media following of over 1.5 million followers, Eadie was an obvious choice for the bridal firm; she knows how to effectively connect with her audience, creating authentic content and always making sure her posts give her followers an added value. Moreover, Eadie’s personal fashion aesthetic was an ideal match for Pronovias, taking ultra-feminine bridal gowns and giving them her unique NYC-chic twist.

Eadie wore a total of 6 gowns during the New York City photo shoot, which included backdrops of the iconic New York City Public Library, mid-town Manhattan traffic, and a scenic rooftop in Brooklyn. Out and about in the big apple was the perfect location for this shoot, showcasing how the fast pace of today’s world can still pause for a moment to capture beauty and celebrate ever-evolving bridal style.

As both parties of the collaboration begin to publish the photos and video from the #PronoviasItBridesshoot, the goal is that Eadie’s personal style shines through and brides-to-be everywhere are inspired with the fresh, fashion-forward finished product.

The new Atelier PRONOVIAS 2017 Collection, designed by Hervé Moreau, the firm’s creative director, reflects contemporary elegance, making beauty and comfort possible for all brides.  The collection works with materials such as crepe, Mikado silk, and ethereal, translucent gauze, including Valentina gauze. Discover what’s new on the website and inPRONOVIAS stores.

About Pronovias Fashion Group

Pronovias Fashion Group proves itself to be the international leader in bridal fashion year after year. What initially started as a family business in Barcelona in 1922, has since transformed into the premier international bridal house with a presence in 105 countries, 155 stores, and more than 4,000 points of

PodcastOne Launches The Skinny Confidential Podcast

PodcastOne, the nation’s leading advertiser-supported podcast network, today announced the launch of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast, hosted by blogger and digital influencer Lauryn Evarts. Evart’s husband Michael Bosstick will co-host and provide the male perspective on a variety of topics, including branding, blogging, entrepreneurship, relationships, wellness, travel, marketing and social media, and more. This sassy and interactive show will feature expert bloggers, and be designed around listener questions submitted via #askhimandher, with new episodes and answers available every Tuesday at, the PodcastOne app and iTunes.

“We are thrilled to partner with PodcastOne,” said Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick. “Podcasting has become our favorite medium because listeners have the opportunity to connect with us on a VERY real level. Even more so, we’re so excited to interview people who are doing cool things, discuss raw subjects, & engage with listeners. Hope you’ll all subscribe to The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER!”

PodcastOne Founder and Executive Chairman Norm Pattiz said, “Lauryn has built an extensive digital brand with The Skinny Confidential. It’s great to be able to work with someone who has become such a strong impact in the digital space, and provide a new, on-demand and intimate outlet for fans to connect with Lauryn and Michael. ”

The Skinny Confidential Podcast

You can listen to the podcast here:

About PodcastOne

PodcastOne, the leader in advertiser-supported podcasts, was founded by Norm Pattiz, founder of radio-giant Westwood One. Featured in the May 2016 issue of Forbes with a four-page piece on PodcastOne, the network currently hosts approximately 200 of today’s most popular podcasts, including Adam Carolla, Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Austin, Heather Dubrow, Shawn and Larry King, Dan Patrick, Breitbart News, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Dr. Drew, Penn Jillette, Barstool Sports, Eddie Trunk, Ross Mathews, Ross Tucker, Rich Eisen, Chris Jericho, Jay Mohr, TheCHIVE, WNYC’s Radiolab and Freakonomics, Laura Ingraham, and a whole lot more, at