2020 Trends: The Fashion Forward Face Mask

Face masks are fast becoming the 2020 fashion trend. Lady Gaga appeared at the MTV VMA awards show early this week, wearing a different matching face mask with each wardrobe change (it’s Gaga, there were 7!). It’s a fashion movement borne of necessity rather than the advancement of trends. It’s reported that two-thirds of all US adults started to wear masks regularly between this past March and June. It will be a while before full-reopening; meanwhile as Americans venture out of their houses to enjoy socially distanced drinks, and the return of the drive-in movie, choice of face wear is now the thing to check for before leaving the house. Designers are taking notice, with new fashion-forward facial coverings on the high end going for $450.

Rakesh Tammabattula is the founder and CEO of QYK Brands, a manufacturing company of several beauty and wellness products that tapped into producing PPE surgical face masks, respirators, goggles, hand sanitizers, and more as the pandemic took a full swing.

IBKÜL: Part Mask & Part Top: Reduce The Spread of COVID-19

It is each of our responsibility to help stop the spread. IBKÜL just released their latest top that can help in making having your face covered with you easily and fashionable.

The new IBKareFUL top ($88 available on ibkul.com and Amazon) features a built-in neck gaiter to protect you from harmful airborne allergens and moisture particles AND is made of IBKÜL’s Icefil fabric (UPF 50+, moisture wick, and cooling ability) making it perfect for the Summer and outdoor activities. (BONUS: Your order will include a free KN-95 facemask as a special thanks to keeping you safe. It will automatically be included in your shipment, while supplies last.)

  • CDC recommends that people wear cloth face coverings in public settings and when around people who don’t live in your household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.
  • Cloth face coverings may help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others.
  • Cloth face coverings are most likely to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when they are widely used by people in public settings.


Lifestyle Update: Work From Home Starter Kit #Coronavirus

Owning a face mask has become a staple in everyone’s home.  Honestly, if you think about it how many times have we needed a face mask?

When we’re walking through the airport.  During the cold and flu season.  After giving birth to a newborn baby.  There have been several instances in our lives when we needed to protect ourselves or someone else.

This surgical mask has now sparked a surge of inspiration amongst the creative community!

Artists and designers are using their skills and designing “fancy” face masks.

Featured Photo from MSN.com

Something that started as a medical necessity is now multi-purpose; one for protection and the other for style.

With that being said, many of us are working from home to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus.

This sudden change has made us alter our schedule and clothing selections.  Many are logging into meetings while juggling the demands of home.

Luckily, we can join meetings while lounging in our slippers!

Work From Home Starter Kit



Essential Oils
Face Mask

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Summer Skincare Needs: G.M. Collin Face Masks

Ready to put your best face forward this summer? New face masks from G.M. Collin have you covered!

This undisputed leader in skincare just added three new brilliant masks to their product range: Aqua Mask, Glow Mask, and Pure Mask. No matter your skin care needs, you can now pick from a variety of uniquely formulated dermo-corrective solutions to perfect your complexion.

Aqua Mask ($48, gmcollin.com)

  • A refreshing turquoise gel mask created for all skin types and all ages. It is infused with a powerful blend of moisturizing ingredients, like Polynesian water microorganisms, to visibly smooth and restore the suppleness of dehydrated and stressed skin.

Glow Mask ($48, gmcollin.com)

  • A trendy, deliciously creamy orange mask guaranteed to bring fatigued skin and dull complexions back to life. Formulated with key ingredients such as Suprastim™, an innovative camu camu extract that revives tired-looking skin, reduces visible inflammation/ redness, and improves photo-protection, providing a radiant glow.

Pure Mask ($48, gmcollin.com)

  • A velvety purple clay rich mask that purifies and reveals a fresher looking skin. This mask is the ultimate solution to localized imperfections and comedones. Formulated with a new Rose Myrtle extract called Acnilys, which acts as an oily skin regulator, decreases visible skin redness, tightens the appearance of pores and limits inflammatory lesions.

Fall Beauty: Hit The New Season With A Glam Glow

It’s finally time to say goodbye to summer and strut into fall with style. It might feel like it’s been awhile since your last vacation; whether you’re running around a city’s fashion week or trying to get back into the busy routine of school run. The cold weather doesn’t help your skin, hair, or nails which can end up suffering.

Featured Photo from Sephora

If you don’t feel great on the outside you’ll end up heading into fall with the wrong mindset and your summer glow will become a distant memory. However, with a little bit of time and effort; you can get into a new beauty routine while giving yourself the boost you need to strut into the new season in style.


Skin And Hair

Whether it’s hot or cold; the weather can take its toll on the condition of your skin and hair. Now is the time to start your new routine before it gets and cold. Let’s start with your skin; you’ll need to switch up your routine and add some nourishing products. It’s always worth visiting a beauty counter or spa to seek advice on your skin.

Don’t be pressured into buying anything. You can take away the relevant information (and hopefully a ton of samples) and do your research on the best cleansers, toners, and moisturizers within your budget. Samples are your best bet at this stage; test each out for a few days before deciding if you can feel and see any benefits before you invest in a full sized product. By the time fall is in full swing; you’ll have discovered your ultimate skin saviors for the cold weather, and you’ll be getting your glam on every day.

Facemasks are another great way to top up moisture and restoration for your skin; take a look here: http://www.lookfantastic.com/blog/advice/ultimate-face-mask-routine/ and create the ultimate Sunday night routine to give you a glow for Monday morning. Steer clear of harsh chemicals and choose products that will soothe and hydrate giving a youthful boost in no time. Treat your body to a soak in your bath tube and indulge in some bath salts, body scrub, and products with relaxing scents and soothing qualities; your skin will thank you for it. Don’t forget those feet and toes; strutting can take its toll; soak them to soften your skin and use a foot cream aimed to nourish and protect your feet (so they’re Louboutin ready).

If your hair is suffering from the rain and wind; you’ll want to wash and condition it with gentle products. Take a look here: https://soundbodylife.com/best-sulfate-free-shampoos-and-conditioners/ and discover the best sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners for your hair. A weekly hair mask will also add moisture and protect your hair from the colder season.


Makeup And Cosmetics

As a fashion and beauty enthusiast; one of the best things about fall is the change in colors and hues. You can say goodbye to the pastel and primary shades that you’ve worn last summer and get the glamour of fall with deep hues in your cosmetics and your clothing. Take a look at some of the latest eye shadow palettes when you’re out shopping.

Switch up that lip color! Nothing says fall more than a deep lipstick. You may need to lighten your base color and embrace new shades of blush. Retain a dewy, youthful glow throughout fall by highlighting the right areas of your face and ensuring the rest of your makeup pops!

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Intensive Recovery Japanese Binchotan Zumi Mask: Beauty Review

I receive a lot of questions about my skincare routine. The hidden secret is that I use a weekly face mask.

Face masks are different from the ordinary scrub or toner because it hydrates the skin and removes oils.  It’s the perfect option for those life events that require healthy skin with flawless makeup application.

Beauty Review:

I had the opportunity to review the Intensive Recovery Japanese Binchotan Zumi Mask. Upon placing the mask on my face, I was skeptical about the unique shape.

I wanted to review the product during a time that I was suffering from breakouts. To my surprise the mask left my face looking and feeling incredibly smooth.  After researching the product I discovered the charcoal has detoxifying ingredients.

The Zumi Mask package included a serum that serves as a natural purifier.  To learn more about the product and review for yourself, check out the information below:

What: Tresor Rare is a high-end luxury skincare line featuring the Intensive Recovery Japanese Binchotan Zumi Mask. This $5000 beauty mask is made from Japanese Kishu Binchotan charcoal which is the highest quality charcoal. This is the same charcoal used for water filtration. Avid campers and mountain climbers use it and… it is expensive and rare.

Why the hefty pricetag?

The Kishu Binchotan has unparalleled detoxifying benefits. Kishu Binchotan charcoal is the best in the world due to its unique structure and origin (Japan). It comes from a tree that grows there since 1688. When the tree is grown, hard wood is collected from it then burned. The remaining natural powder is then carbonized in a traditional Japanese carbonizing technique at 1200 Celsius which give it this rich, dense, pasty texture. It’s knows as “the golden charcoal.”

Products containing activated charcoal are usually more expensive. In fact, the more expensive products out there have two things warranting the price first… great packaging and secondly… higher amounts of binchotan activated charcoal. Porous binchotan has a solid structure with irregular holes which maximizes its ability to absorb toxins (hence it’s use in water filtration). This Tresor Rare mask is made of 100% Kishu Binchotan and it offers the highest level of skin detoxification on the market. The price…$5000.

This mask does not appear black as it dissolves into the skin. The mask is gold and once the serum is applied to the skin, the gold mask is applied on top.

The product was produced with natural plant extracts and emollients, organic ingredients, essential oils, natural plant and seed based oils and no artificial colors.

Additional Information:

This ultra-precise, high-performance, intensive age defying treatment mask is perfectly adapted to the skin. Its excellent fit assures ultimate penetration of unique double-layered specialty ingredients into the skin. An incredible formula with advanced technology that helps in detoxifying, lifting, refining skin texture and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Once applied to the face, this mask made of active charcoal, releases negative ions also known as “Vitamins in the Air.” They can balance the skin and returning its natural balance. Skin looks younger and more radiant.

This amazing serum starts off black and disappears into the skin – containing active charcoal; Mother Nature’s natural skin purifier.


 This luxurious, active charcoal mask is saturated with beneficial ingredients and moisture. Leaves skin feeling amazingly smooth, detoxified and younger looking.


 Structure of the skin

This double-layered mask contains positive ions and excellent age defying and lifting plant extracts for a complete over all skin treatment.


Use once a week. Onto clean skin, open the single mask pack and apply to the face, allow it to infuse the skin for 10 minutes or more. To fully experience, massage the mask with your fingers, this will cause more negative ions to be released, rinse with warm water.

The mask is made from 100% pure, mild, skin friendly plant fiber, and is 100% fully biodegradable. Contains 12 masks.

Retail Price: 5k

Available at Tresor Rare Stores Nationwide