Hyleys Slim Tea Lifestyle Option – Product Review

Hyleys Slim Teas –

Hyleys Slim Teas are 100% natural Green teas made with Senna leaves, and fruit flavoring that promote body cleansing, detoxification, and a healthy digestive system, all in a delicious cup of hot tea! Mild and pleasant in both taste and texture,the weight-loss enhancing properties of the Slim Teas offer consumers a safe, pound-shedding alternative to risky pills and surgery. 

Using only the highest quality ingredients, Hyleys Slim Teas are available in flavorful options like Acai Berry, Blueberry, Goji Berry, Pomegranate and Raspberry as well as a Five-Flavor Assortment. MSRP $5.99 for 1-pack of 25 foil envelope tea bags.

See www.hyleysteaonline.com for their entire collection of 100% herb- and fruit-infused, wellness teas along with Wooden Gift Boxes and Gift Tins perfect for holiday gifting.


Product Review

Let’s be honest, I enjoyed too much comfort (and fast) food during the summer months.  After facing this harsh reality, I had to actively start my weight loss program.  Number one, I take pride in being healthy and monitoring my diet.  Number two, I’m petite and must be mindful of those “few extra pounds.”  Number three, it’s the holiday season and my wardrobe requires fitted a dress.

I received the assortment of Hyleys Slim Tea in the mail and honestly, didn’t know what to expect.  I am proud to share (with the use of moderate exercise) I have seen results from drinking the Slim Tea.  Yes, I lost a few pounds!

I would suggest reading the directions on the box which indicates the best time frame to drink the tea along with consumption.  This tea not only helps you lose weight but it also has a nice flavor.  I could taste the fruit infusion in each bag.

Remember, the tea also serves as a mild laxative but if you’re eating “clean” you should not have severe stomach cramps.  I am pleased with the results of the tea and encourage everyone to try it.  This is a great option if you’re seeking to lose weight without extreme measures.  Hyleys Slim Tea is affordable and can also be purchased online.  If you decide to try the tea and see results, please share in the comments box below!

Lean Diet

Moderate Exercise

Drink One Cup of Hyleys Slim Tea Before Bedtime

Masque Bar and Martinis Girls Night In

Have a girls night in for the Emmy Awards (September 20th) with a Masks and Martinis party! Choose from a selection of Masque Bar by Look Beauty sheet masks that target different skin concerns in an array of flavors. Sit back, relax and watch the famed award show as you sip on a Cucumber and Green Teani to match!

Green Tea Sheet Mask: Mixed Green Tea Extract, Collagen and Vitamin E  to maintain ideal moisture level by providing constant supply of moisture and nutrition. ($9.99 for 3 masks; Amazon.com)

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Cucumber Sheet Mask: Blended with Cucumber Extract, Collagen and Vitamin E to help moisturize and restore skin tone after UV exposure. ($9.99 for 3 masks; Amazon.com)

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Recipe for a Cucumber Green Teani –

Cucumber Green Teani

2 oz citrus vodka

.75 oz green tea

Dash of simple syrup

Dash of lemon juice

2 slices of cucumber

1 piece of fresh ginger

1 pinch of sea salt



Directions: Muddle cucumber and ginger with a pinch of salt and simple syrup. Add the remaining ingredients and shake with cubed ice. Finely strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a thin slice of cucumber.