Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Lexy Silverstein Creative Halloween Costumes from Goodwill Industries

Halloween costumes can be scary expensive–but don’t have to be. Fortune reports people spend on average about $70 on their getups, which is terrifying on their own.  The trick is finding the right place to shop. The treat is Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake offering spooktacular savings on all your outfitting needs at all of our retail stores in the region.

We challenged fashion and lifestyle blogger Lexy Silverstein to put together creative and affordable costumes from our inventory. What she discovered will make you the ghost-with-the-most. Among her finds:

  • $10 Brand New Costumes: Midnight Vampire, Pirate, Clown, etc.

  • $2.50 Rosie the Riveter (DIY)

  • $3.99 pet costumes

You may only think of Goodwill as the place to drop off your old clothes and household items. But we repurpose and resell those donations at a fraction of their original costs. The money raised goes back to the people of Baltimore and the Eastern Shore in the form of job training and career servicesex-prisoner programs, and aid for underrepresented people in the community.

Not only can you be fashionably fierce by shopping at Goodwill, but you are also helping us make a difference. So find your costume’s missing link, or discover that statement piece you’ve been searching for. In short, mix and match donated items can make one-of-a-kind ensembles. If a DIY costume sounds daunting to you, have no fear. We get pounds of brand new, never worn, costumes donated each season.

In addition: decorate your home for the holidays with our inexpensive and gently used decor items. At Goodwill you have choices. You can make spine-chilling DIY crafts like a creepy candelabra, or a candy bowl wrapped in cobwebs. Or, you can purchase Halloween-party-ready decor for a small price.

Spend as much as you would on ONE Halloween costume, on decor and costumes for the entire family. Just like a zombie…It’s a no brainer!