Styling Patterned Trousers – Comprehensive Guide

Patterned trousers can look amazing, but you need to style them properly to ensure you don’t look out of place. You definitely don’t want to look like you’ve dressed in the dark! Using this guide when styling your trousers will make sure you look on top form!

Make a Statement With a Bright Top

Lots of prints look amazing with bright colours, so wear a bright top on your top half to make a statement. Leopard print and red would work really well, as would teal and monochrome dogtooth trousers. You can experiment in any way you like to find something that works. You can even pick something else to add colour, like a bag or your shoes. Even Islamic clothing is great to use for this tip.

Add a Fitted Blazer and Heels

If you want to wear your patterned trousers out on the town, simply add a fitted blazer and heels. You’ll look chic and turn heads for all of the right reasons! Want to make even more of a statement? Wear your blazer in a contrasting colour to your trousers.


Thrown on an Oversized Sweatshirt

If you want to dress down your patterned trousers slightly, add an oversized sweatshirt. Bear in mind this looks better if your trousers are more of a skinny fit, so you don’t swamp yourself in material. This even looks great with heels, if you plan on going for a casual drink!

Wear a Basic T and Sandals for Boho Chic

If you don’t want to look too done up, wear a basic T and sandals for a boho look. Think Vanessa Hudgens! She always looks laid back yet stylish. This look is perfect for a festival, or even a day at the beach.

Tuck in a Top and Add a Belt

Consider tucking a top or shirt into your trousers, and then adding a nice waist belt to cinch you in. This will give you an unbelievable shape!

Toughen Up the Look

If you have floral trousers, why not toughen up the look? You can do this with a black leather biker jacket and some rock chick boots.

Introduce a Colour from Your Trousers Elsewhere

Take a look at your trousers and assess the colour scheme. If you have multiple shades in there, pick one and introduce it into your outfit somewhere else. For instance, if your trousers are varying shades of purple, you could wear a lavender bomber jacket!

Add a Pretty Pastel Hue

Pretty pastel hues will look great with your trousers, and will work with almost any pattern you can find. This is a great tip if you want to soften the overall look.

Wear a Matching Jacket

Why not be daring and wear a matching jacket? Most places do matching jacket and trouser sets, and you won’t need to put much effort in to look chic.

Now you know exactly how to wear your patterned trousers to avoid looking trashy. I hope you love them as much as we do. See you later!

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Angela Simmons: Photo of The Day


Style + Life + Fashion’s Photo of The Day goes to Angela Simmons. She’s “servin and werkin” wearing a cream suit (matching top, jacket, and skirt) while giving us a pop of color with purple pumps.

Angela has great style and in my opinion this was a very nice street photo. This “Simmons” girl likes to keep us on toes and guess what, it works!


Fox 45 Morning News Segment: Spring Cleaning Products

The whole experience of being on television is new to me but also very exciting. It’s an aspect of my brand that I didn’t pursue (or imagine) but was presented to me through a public relations firm located in New York.

Please see the segment below:

Fox 45 Baltimore – Discussing Spring Cleaning Products

ShoeDazzle VIP Membership and Shopping Experience

I finally became a VIP member of the ShoeDazzle brand. We’ve all seen the catchy commercials and noticed their cute shoes.

After reviewing their online look book for this site, I decided to give their membership a try.

The process was very simple for joining the site.  I selected a group of shoes according to my taste and based upon the selection my showroom came up.

Once you’re officially in the site, there’s an assortment of shoes to select for purchase. Boots, flats, pumps, and accessories everything on this site is hip but yet there’s a variety for anyone who’s looking to update their shoe wardrobe.

Personally, that’s my reason for becoming a member because with such a hectic schedule I don’t always have the time to shop for shoes.

When I purchased my Love Pumps and Nichole Booties the shoes arrived very quick and lived up to the quality that I expected.

Honestly, I am an active shopper (now) on their site and I suggest anyone who’s looking to have a stylish pair of shoes to try becoming a member of “the world’s premier shoe society.”


ShoeDazzle and Chloe Blanchard: Latest Lookbook

ShoeDazzle and Chloe Blanchard of Next Models have teamed up again to highlight the most desirable sporty-chic styles. Please check out the latest lookbook to see how stylists mastered the art of pairing minimalist threads with this season’s perforated heels.


Mommy-ista Dressing and Beauty Tips: Look Fabulous while Being a Mom

As a mom you’re busy going to school meetings, shopping for groceries, and picking up socks.  Honestly, there’s barely enough time in the day to get it all done, let alone time to fix yourself up. But mommy-istas, today is a new day!  We need to embrace motherhood with a sense of vengeance and look fabulous while on this journey.

There’s a few rules that every mom should remember as “the going gets tough.”  Rule number one: In order for everyone to be happy (and sane) in your home, your sense of happiness is very important.  Number two:  It’s completely okay to pick up a new tube of lipstick while shopping for pampers.  And number three:  Find a gym that has mommy daycare so everyone can have a “time out.”

Now that the rules have been established, let’s talk about looking fabulous.  With so many celebrity moms like Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Simpson, they have opened the doors for better apparel and beauty products.


Your probably saying to yourself, “good for them” but becoming a mom’s truly a unique sisterhood. When you enter this girls club, there’s always the uncontrollable issue of time. Which means we need (better) products that get us out of the door quickly, make us look good, and are cost efficient.

Based upon my own experiences, I have decided to share a few “mommy” secrets in regards to dress and my daily beauty regimen. 

Mommy-ista Dressing Must Haves

1. A cute pair of flats: They can be purchased from Target or Channel but you need a pair of flats in your wardrobe…it’s difficult to chase kids in stilettos (honestly.)  Also, flats are perfect for when you wear heels and need to take a break.  You can carry flats in your purse and use them when needed.


2. Jeans are purchased in three categories: You have date night jeans that are sexy, stylish, and slightly trendy. You have parent/teacher conference jeans that look appropriate with a blazer…not too tight or sexy. You have shopping jeans that are comfortable…not “mom jeans” and can be worn with any pair of shoes.

3. Stylish pair of pumps/heels:  Eventually you will have a “Girls Night Out” or need to wear them to the office.  Every mom should have a pair in her wardrobe.  When starting out, purchase them in basic colors and progress towards “fun” heels.

4. A blazer can do wonders:  Wearing a blazer instantly makes you look stylish but can also hide a few figure imperfections.  They can also go with anything (depending on the color and fabric texture) so this is a must have in your “mommy” wardrobe.


5. Proper undergarments:  Once you become a mom (no matter what size) you will have a case of the “jiggles.”  And that’s okay because as a grown woman, you want to have curves but undergarments assist with the shape/fit of your attire.  Stop by your favorite lingerie store and purchase a cami top, hosiery, and body shaper.

Mommy-ista Beauty Tips

1. Buy Concealer and Foundation: This particular beauty product is your best friend! You have long nights, and early mornings (very different from college.)  Therefore at some point, you will want to look awake and refreshed.  Concealer and Foundation can be purchased at Saks or at a local drugstore.  For more questions about concealer, download my e-book Beauty Tips Back to The Basics.

2. Neutral Lipstick and Red Lipstick:  Wearing a neutral lipstick will make your face appear upbeat and match any color blouse (or dress) in your wardrobe.  Wearing a red lipstick will brighten the eyes and refresh your face as well.

3. Groom those Eyebrows:  Your eyebrows are truly a window to the face!  They can be groomed at any local salon for $10.00 or a kit can be purchased from a local drugstore.


4.  Fragrance, Fragrance, Fragrance:  Wearing a fragrance can boost any mood but most importantly, you will smell pleasant at all times (while running errands.)


5. Buy Quick Dry Nail Polish or Nail Stickers:  At some point, you will need to “appear” as if you’ve had a manicure.  Owning nail polish provides the luxury of making your hands look polished but also good for in-home touch ups.  Nail stickers are inexpensive and trendy.