Feminine Touches For Your Spring & Summer Wardrobe

When the mercury starts to rise, and the days get longer and lighter, many of us like to embrace our girly side. If you’re keen to refresh your wardrobe and add some flirty, feminine touches for spring/summer, here are some hot additions you won’t want to miss.

Photo Credit:  H&M.com

Be a frill-seeker

Frills and ruffles are everywhere at the moment, and this is great new for girly girls. Adding a simple frill to a sweater, blouse or skirt can make the blandest, most basic piece visually stunning. Go for frills up top if you’re keen to streamline a pear shape or stick to ruffles on the bottom half if you want to create a curvier shape. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of basing your outfits on Flamenco dresses, don’t panic. There are plenty of pieces out there, which offer a much more subtle approach.

Add pastels to your palette

In the cold, wet months, we tend to drape ourselves in black and jewel tones. Now that the sun has finally appeared, it’s time to mix up your palette and add some lighter, softer tones. Pastels always work well in spring. If you’re worried about wearing pastels with your skin tone, don’t be. You don’t have to dress head to toe in lilac or lemon. You can add touches using bags, scarves, jewelry, and shoes.

Embrace prim and proper

Casual styles are all the rage at the moment, but there is still a market for Gossip Girl chic. If you’d rather wear pleated midi skirts and pussy-bow blouses than ripped jeans and camo jackets, this is the look for you. Think floaty fabrics, delicate prints, and dainty jewels. If you’re searching for inspiration, take a look at 925 silver charms & charm bracelets wholesale at ELF925. Stick to silver, gold or rose gold, and keep things simple with understated drop earrings, bracelets, and pendant necklaces.

Give your wardrobe the cold shoulder

If you’re looking for items to give your wardrobe some va-va-voom without showing too much flesh, the cold shoulder trend could be just the ticket. With this style, you’re covered up, but you’re flashing just a little bit of skin. This is a great option for spring/summer when it’s not boiling outside, but you don’t need a cardigan or a jacket.

Just add embroidery

If you’re looking for a simple way to add a more feminine vibe to your closet, embroidery is one of the hottest trends out there at the moment, and it’s also really easy to wear. Go or folk-inspired embroidered linen tops with skinny jeans or team a basic vest with jeans adorned with a floral motif. Alternatively, keep your clothing simple, and let some embroidered pumps do the talking.

Spring is on its way, and what better time of year to celebrate your girly side, and add some more feminine pieces to your wardrobe? If you’re off on a long-overdue shopping trip, hopefully, these ideas will help you to select some show-stopping spring/summer outfits.

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