Holiday Sparkle with ybf beauty: Liquid Star Shadows

Swipe, set, and glow! These intense, pigmented liquid eyeshadows are perfect for the holiday season.

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ybf Liquid Star Shadows

These lightweight, liquid eyeshadows feature a creamyself-settingopaque formula that requires no primer to create a crease-resistant, smoldering look. The thinly consistent yet lustrous formula can be worn as a sheer wash of color or layered with ease for high color intensity. The long-lasting shadows set within moments.

USAGE: With our flat paddle applicator swipe across the eye, smudging to soften and diffuse. Lightly line along the top and bottom lash lines for a soft, smudged liner look.

SHADES: Magnetic Moonlight, Beaming Beige, Supernova Spice, Stellar Sienna

PRICE: $35