Active Ego Plus-Size Athleisure Wear By Jennifer James

Jennifer James is a creative professional and successful entrepreneur who founded and is currently CEO of plus-size athleisure wear line Active Ego.  In December 2016, James earned her Master’s in Business degree from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.

After having her first child, James went into full gym mode to lose the baby weight, there she saw a void of quality activewear for plus-size women and decided to create cute and durable pieces for all curvy women to enjoy.

In 2014, James launched Active Ego and with the success and awareness of the Active Ego brand, the JJ (Jennifer James) collection was conceived and successfully launched in 2017.

James mission is to develop an exclusive line of active and leisure lifestyle apparel that serves and provides options for the plus-size/curvy women who have been underserved in the marketplace. Her vision is to pay attention to detail and be inventive for Active Ego, and successfully market the brand to plus-size/curvy women across the globe.