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  1. How do you select a theme for your Labor Day Party?

Pick a theme that’s simple to put together and utilizes items you have in your house already so you’re not going out and buying a bunch of stuff.

The theme all depends on what type of party you want to throw. If you’re hosting a casual backyard barbecue, then the theme should be just as simple, but if you want to throw a lavish cocktail affair, then it’s fun to be a little more creative.

  1. What’s the best location to celebrate with family and friends?

An outdoor location is definitely best, especially if the weather is nice. Labor Day is one of your last chances to celebrate the summer with friends and family, so having a party in a park or someone’s backyard is preferable.

  1. In your opinion, should the menu be potluck meal or grilled delights?

It really depends on the size of your party. If you’re having a small, intimate gathering, it’s nice to give your guests a home grilled meal, but for larger parties, I like to do a combination of potluck and day-of grilling.

  1. What are some popular activities to help create a fun environment?

Setting up different games and sports for the kids is always fun. You want to make sure they are having fun while the adults are socializing. I also love a good grill-off – it’s fun to have the self-proclaimed “best grillers” show off their skills and the results are delicious.

  1. Should there be a dress code or come as you are?

You don’t have to have a dress code because you want everyone to be comfortable, but one thing I like to do is create a custom t-shirt for my friends and family to wear – I like to use because they make the design process really easy. Having a custom t-shirt that everyone can wear is a great way to bring everyone together as one big family, and it makes a nice surprise gift. Your group selfies will also look really cool if you’re all wearing the same t-shirt.

  1. Where can we go to learn more tips?

Head over to my blog, I’m always sharing great tips for planning family gatherings.


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