The Benefits of Healthy Lips – Lip Care Tips

Are you forgetting your lips?

Most beauty products on the market focus on giving you flawless skin free of wrinkles and blemishes. While it is important to keep the skin hydrated and in good condition, most women forget to care for their lips in their daily beauty routine. Paying special attention to your lips can take your beauty routine to the next level and give you a polished overall look.

The Benefits of Healthy Lips
Nothing ruins a beautiful lipstick color like applying it over dry, chapped lips. Hydrated and smooth lips provide the perfect base for lipstick, gloss, or stains. Even when you go without makeup, having polished looking lips helps you look your best without any additional effort.

The Basics of Lip Care
Even if you don’t wear makeup on a regular basis, keeping your lips in good health will benefit your overall appearance with a few simple steps.

1. Hydrate
The most important aspect of healthy lips is hydration. Keeping a water bottle with you during the day can encourage you to stay hydrated, and this will help keep your lips full and hydrated. In addition to drinking water regularly, be sure to apply lip balm regularly to avoid chapped lips.

2. Exfoliate
Just like the delicate skin on your face, your lips can benefit from regular exfoliation to keep them looking their best. A homemade version can be just as effective as store-bought treatments. Simply mix brown sugar with coconut oil and apply to the lips in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes. Be sure to follow the treatment with some eos lip balm or moisturizer to keep lips hydrated.

3. Protect 
If you spend time outdoors regularly, it is important to protect your lips from sun damage with an SPF lip balm. Apply regularly during summer and winter alike to protect from the sun’s damaging rays.

Making Smart Beauty Product Choices
If you use lip color on top of your hydrated and protected lips, you’ll want to make sure the care you’ve taken isn’t undone by your product choices. Regularly using matte lip color can dry out your lips, so try to alternate them with regular finishes or short breaks in your makeup routine.

Paying extra attention to your lips can complete your beauty routine and give you gorgeous lips for any occasion. Follow these beauty tips to keep your lips looking full and healthy year-round.

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