CANDER PARIS – New Luxury Candle for The Holiday Season

Cander Paris’ debut candle collection is now available to online and at select retailers worldwide.

Luxury candle line Cander Paris, founded by Elizabeth Minett, launched in 2017 with four signature scents: SCENT 01, ROSE, OUR YOUTH, and RUE VERTBOIS.

Minett worked with world-renowned French perfumer Emmanuel Philip to create her debut Cander Paris collection, all scents are made France with the excellence and tradition of French perfumery, the candles are exquisitely crafted of the highest quality.

“Cander Paris introduces scents that are uniquely refined and euphorically indulgent. These are the fragrances of candid moments.” – Elizabeth Minett, Cander Paris.



Elizabeth Minett, founder of Cander Paris

Minett was born near Toronto, Canada and raised in a place where candor was the essence of her culture. A childhood filled with the rustic landscapes of harsh winters would forever shape her olfactive tastes. After a chance encounter in an elevator, she was scouted to work as a fashion model and soon moved to Europe. She was an early adopter of the digital influencer trend and transitioned from the modeling world to create her successful lifestyle website. Minett developed a more refined nose during her years traveling the globe as a bon vivant, especially whilst traveling. As Minett moves into a new chapter of her life she becomes now one of the very few young female entrepreneurs to launch their own luxury scent collections with the debut of Cander Paris in 2017.