5 Types of Makeup Brushes That Will Change the Game

In the world of beauty, if you want to master the art of makeup you must possess the right tools. The basic and most important makeup tools are makeup brushes. But as there are so many makeup brushes out there, so it is hard for the users to decide which set of brushes is right for them. Consider the five make up brushes that we have listed below. They will change the makeup game for you!

1.   Blender or Foundation Brush

This blender brush is highly compatible with both liquid-based foundations and sticks. You can also use this brush for other liquid-based products like highlighters and tints. It can give you an airbrushed look. Most importantly, you can use this brush into your bag of tricks, and enjoy its capabilities to the fullest. From smoky eyes to chiselled cheeks; this brush will take your blending and building game to another level.

2.   Powder Makeup Brush

The powder makeup brush is available in both small and large sizes. You should add this in your makeup brush kit as it helps in dusting off the loose compact powder. If you have applied the foundation, dust of the compact powder and give your face that smooth satin touch. It is big enough and you can use it on your body too. The smaller version of this brush is ideal for applying blush to cheeks and nose.

3.   Synthetic Kabuki Brush

This synthetic Kabuki brush is ideal for application of pigmented or mineral powders. You can look for synthetic Kabuki brush at Synergie Skin. They apply mineral powders perfectly without making them settle down into the skin. Moreover, you can easily use a kabuki brush for application of blush, highlighters and bronzers, and enjoy the natural effect they give.

4.   Eyeliner Brush

Here we are, presenting you a brush that can work numerous jobs for the price of one. You must know that applying liquid liner is very tricky. You have to grip the right tool as if it is a pencil; hold it closer to the base rather than the bristles. Moreover, this technique will take practice, but it will give you a cleaner line.

5.   Double-Ended Shadow Brush

As an endless abundance of varieties double-ended Shadow Brush is available in the market, so finding the perfect brush can be a tough task! If you love to invest in makeup tools and keep hauling new product now and then, you may get your hands on the perfect double-ended shadow brush quickly. For the everyday eye shadow application, one multi-purpose brush is more than enough. Most importantly, this multi-purpose tool is small for blending the shadows. It is a double-duty brush with flat ends to pick up the shadow powder. To use the brush in the right way, sweep the shadow over the lid, start from the inner corner working outwards, blend and buff the powder lightly. You are ready to go!

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Vanity Planet Oval Makeup Brush Kit: Gorgeous Summer Glow

Makeup application is the finishing touch to anyone’s look.  There are so my cosmetic products and a variety of colors and hues.

My day starts with a cup of coffee, women’s devotional, work projects, and household errands.  Somewhere in between this typical daily chaos includes setting my face.

The basic makeup staples include liquid foundation, setting powder, face blush, brow shading, mascara, and lipstick.  All of those items require using the right tools.

Vanity Planet shipped a beautiful box of the Oval Makeup Brush Kit.  This unique set of brushes curve to the face and provide a flawless look.  If you want full makeup coverage this brush kit is the perfect option!

Vegan Brush Kit: 100% Cruelty-Free

Every brush has a unique purpose that’s described on the package.  Here’s why using the right brush can enhance your makeup:

  • The wrong makeup brush won’t blend with certain products.
  • Bristles that are too soft will not pick up enough product which will ultimately waste product.
  • Makeup Brushes with soft bristles often shed and lead to no brush at all.

Enhance your daily routine with the use of Vanity Planet Blend Party Oval Makeup Brush Kit!

Discount code: KWEST1908PARTY

Style + Life + Fashion Women’s Gift Guide 2017: Blanket Scarf, Stainless Steel Coffee Mug, Studded Leather Clutch and More

I am really excited to share the latest Women’s Gift Guide 2017. This particular guide has a variety of items from several different price points.

There are gifts ranging from $8.99 and beyond. Use this post (and print) to share with your significant other or family members. Feel free to tweak it a bit to help everyone know exactly what you would like this holiday season!

It’s also great to use in terms of shopping for the special women in your life. Don’t worry, the next gift guide will include items for men!

Product Review: Virginn Pure Mineral Makeup

Last week I received a package in the mail from Tonja, the CEO of Virginn Pure Mineral Makeup.  Of course, I was super excited to test out the products because I love makeup. But most importantly, this line of cosmetics is considered to be a mineral product.

For those that are not savvy about the use of mineral based makeup, the Virginn Pure Mineral Makeup line’s considered to, “give skin a natural glow and feel as if you have nothing on.”  According to sources, mineral makeup is also helpful for women with sensitive skin and need assistance covering blemishes.


Many people are not aware that I suffer from having eczema (all over.)  Having this skin care issue is my driving force behind developing a regiman and wearing the proper makeup for my skin type (to protect my skin from environmental debris.)  That purpose alone is a positive incentive for anyone to test out this brand.

Upon opening the package, I received several makeup brushes, shimmering bronzer, and foundation.  And  I have to agree that this product did indeed live up to it’s testimony! When applying the foundation and bronzer, I only needed to use a small amount of each product.  The makeup brushes felt wonderful and my face looked great throughout the remainder of the evening.


To place an order with Virginn Pure Mineral Makeup, click on the link and see photos (of me) below!

photo (20)

photo (17)

photo (18)