Style + Life + Fashion Men’s Gift Guide 2018: Amazon Echo Input, Beard Care Kit, Fitness Activity Tracker and More

The holiday gift guide for men is finally here!  This guide (or list) is for the woman with a special gentleman who’s either sporty or technology driven.

Shopping for men can be questionable because they’re such diverse creatures.  Some adore growing out their beard while others are inspired by rock climbing!  Either way, we want them to feel valued during the holiday season.

With that being said, take a look at the gift guide below.  Last-minute shoppers will find a variety of items from Amazon that should arrive by Christmas morning.

Men’s Gift Guide 2018

How to Accessorize: A Guide for Men

It might seem like there’s very little in the way of accessories for men, but this is not strictly true. Admittedly, there’s not such a vast range as there is for women, but guys still have plenty to choose from! It truly doesn’t take a lot to add something extra to whatever you’re wearing. Finding the right details might not be something you’re used to doing, but with some helpful tips, you’ll soon get the hang of it. It doesn’t have to be something outlandish. The smallest of details can take an outfit to a whole new level.

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Add a Bit of Bling

Not all men are comfortable wearing jewelry, plus to wear it right does require a certain amount of confidence. It will take some practice, but a good place to start is with a spot of window shopping. Visit your local department store or jeweler and try different pieces on. Don’t be afraid to experiment and ask the salesperson for some help.

The real trick, when it comes to wearing jewelry, is not to wear too much. There is such a thing as over-accessorizing, and you don’t want the accessories to overpower your clothes, particularly if you’re wearing an outfit by Balenciaga, the iconic couture house. The pieces you choose to wear should complement what you’re wearing.

Your Crowning Glory

A hat is so much more than something to keep your head warm. It can make a great addition to any outfit. You can wear a casual hat with the smartest of outfits, but it tends not to work the other way around. Wide-brimmed hats, in particular, are best left for special occasions. If anyone tells you that hats aren’t an accessory, feel free to laugh! They are a great way of showing off your personality and style.

Something for Your Eyes

Just because you don’t need to wear glasses to correct your sight doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the latest in eyewear. There are plenty of stylish frames out there to choose from. To find the right pair, you need to consider the shape of your face. Round frames, for example, work best with a square face, whereas triangle-shaped faces should look for half-rimmed glasses with lots of detail on the top.


If winter is just around the corner, scarves can be an excellent addition for your wardrobe. Fold it in a variety of different ways, depending on how you feel. It doesn’t have to match what you’re wearing because a bright or patterned scarf can be a great touch to any outfit. Unless you don’t mind being labeled a hipster, it’s probably best to take it off indoors.

Ties are no longer just for the office, weddings, or funerals. You can wear one with a pair of jeans if you’re aiming for a casual look. Silk ties are best for special occasions, but you can try plaid or tartan if you feel like having a bit of fun.

There are plenty of other accessories for the fashion conscious man to choose. Belts, bracelets, necklaces, even handkerchiefs can all be used to great effect.

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Shore Projects Watches – Nordstrom Montgomery Mall

British watch brand, Shore Projects, is now available via as well as locally at Nordstrom Montgomery Mall.


Shore Projects ( offers a new product to a booming market, with over 500 style selections to choose from. All three collections will be available along with a wide selection of interchangeable straps, allowing shoppers to change-up their style in a matter of seconds, to suit their style, season or current mood.

For almost two years, Shore Projects has made waves in the UK and around Europe, selling to major department stores and better boutiques. Strong growth is expected in more U.S. retail locations through 2016.

“We are thrilled to be stepping in to the doors of one of the most recognized department stores in the United States,” said Neil Waller, Co-founder of Shore Projects. “We have already received such great feedback from our U.S. online customers, and are excited to see the response from shoppers who now have the chance to touch and feel the product in person at these brick and mortar locations. This is the next step to making big moves globally for the brand.”

Christopher Schafer Clothier Interview with Style + Life + Fashion

Style + Life + Fashion interviewed Seth Schafer from Christopher Schafer Clothier located in Baltimore, Maryland.  Seth joined the business in 2013, leaving his own mark on the fashion industry.


He has been featured in the Baltimore Business Journal as well helping the team to win RAW Awards Baltimore’s Best Fashion Designers 2013. 

1505322_649486488454782_6069205622137051566_n-2 ChrisSchafer 1

What inspired you to become a menswear designer?

My father was the biggest inspiration. He opened my eyes to the industry and really took me under his wing. Since working with him I have developed my own style in how I design clothing.

In your opinion, what makes your studio and collection unique from any other brand?

Our studio is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. My father and I are both musicians and we have a full stage setup in our studio. We enjoy playing music after a long day. He is a drummer and I’m a bassist. We have a different ambiance compared to most places. We are located on 1400 Aliceanna Street in a two hundred year old warehouse. The juxtaposition of a vintage building with modern luxury suits really works for us. We are really active in the community as well. We recycle gently used suits and give them to gentleman who have been recently released from prison. The goal is to dress them accordingly to give them a better chance at landing a career. More info can be found at

What are some of your greatest accomplishments as a designer?

I was named Baltimore’s Best Tailor by the City Paper in 2014. I also was awarded 40 Under 40 award from the Baltimore Business Journal.

What’s your favorite accessory from the collection?

We just finished up a ton of new ties that are made from vintage silk. They all are beautiful but one particular paisley tie has been my favorite!

products6 10268699_669041523165945_2756549420953977287_n

Honestly, how many suits do you own?

I have all the staple suits of a wardrobe. The navy solid, grey solid, charcoal herringbone are essentials in anyone’s wardrobe. I have about 15 suits. I recycle my older suits and give them to our Sharp Dress Man program. I would have a much bigger wardrobe if I kept all of my suits, but the enjoyment of telling a gentleman that the suit I’m giving them was mine personally is an awesome feeling.

Do you have any advice for anyone that’s interested in becoming a menswear or fashion designer?

I would recommend spending as much time as you can meeting people in your industry. They can help refer business and teach you things about the business. I personally think it makes you a better designer if you can help recommend other people for your clients needs.

What’s in the future for Christopher Schafer Clothier?

Right now we are rapidly growing here in Baltimore. The vision is to have a shop in Los Angeles and London.


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Interviewed by Kimberly West

Mens Wearhouse National Suit Drive

Mens Wearhouse (NYSE: MW) launches its eighth annual National Suit Drive, a six-week initiative that collects donations of gently-used professional attire for unemployed Americans. Clothing collected at Mens Wearhouse stores between June 22nd and July 31st, will be distributed to over 180 local non-profit organizations that provide job-ready skills, training and seminars to disadvantaged men and women entering or re-entering the workforce.


As part of this year’s National Suit Drive, Mens Wearhouse is issuing a challenge to consumers to meet or exceed the goal of 250,000 donated items. Over the past seven years, the National Suit Drive has collected approximately 850,000 professional clothing donations, and this year marks the opportunity to break the one million donation mark.

“A suit is more than just about how you look – it’s about how you feel, and it’s important to feel your absolute best during a job interview,” said Doug Ewert, CEO of The Men’s Wearhouse, Inc. “The National Suit Drive gives men looking to re-enter the workforce a chance at a new beginning. Through this annual campaign, we’ve had an opportunity to truly make a difference in people’s lives, and we’re excited at the potential of reaching one million donations this year.”

Starting on June 22nd, consumers can donate their gently-used professional clothing including men’s and women’s suits, ties, jackets, shirts, pants, belts and shoes, at over 900 Men’s Wearhouse locations across the country. As a thank you, donors will receive 50 percent off the regular retail price of their next purchase from Men’s Wearhouse (excluding shoes, clearance and Exceptional Value items).

“While the National Suit Drive collects gently used professional attire, what it’s really collecting is confidence, inspiration, and a chance,” said Joseph Abboud, award-winning designer and Chief Creative Director of The Men’s Wearhouse. “In a suit, the world looks at you a little differently, and everyone deserves to know what that feels like.”

This year, the National Suit Drive is partnering with DeMarco Murray, the AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year, to help spread the word. “Whether ‘suiting up’ on the field or off, I’ve felt first-hand the confidence a suit provides and how it helps you perform at your personal best,” said Murray. “I’m thrilled to be partnering with the National Suit Drive to give othermen throughout the nation the ability to recognize their dreams – and achieve them.”



To help spread the word about this year’s National Suit Drive, Mens Wearhouse is encouraging people to share the #giveasuit post found on their Facebook page. For every share, the company will donate $1 (up to $25,000) to the local nonprofits they have partnered with.


For more information, visit the National Suit Drive website at


About Mens Wearhouse

Founded in 1973, Mens Wearhouse is one of North America’s largest specialty retailers of men’s apparel with 1,758 stores.  The Men’s Wearhouse, Jos. A. Bank, Moores and K&G stores carry a full selection of suits, sport coats, furnishings and accessories in exclusive and non-exclusive merchandise brands and Mens Wearhouse and Tux stores carry a limited selection.  Most K&G stores carry a full selection of women’s apparel.  Tuxedo rentals are available in the Men’s Wearhouse, Jos. A. Bank, Moores and Mens Wearhouse and Tux stores.  Additionally, Men’s Wearhouse operates a global corporate apparel and workwear group consisting of Twin Hill in the United States and Dimensions, Alexandra and Yaffy in the United Kingdom.  For additional information on Men’s Wearhouse, please visit the Company’s websites:


Bluefly: Father’s Day Gift Guide

Bluefly has the perfect gift for every dad from modern to classic to preppy and cool. Whatever his interests and style, the site has the perfect gift for every type for guy. Below are some great gift options under $50 and under $100.

Also, feel free to browse the site


Father’s Day Finds at Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. celebrates Dad with high style this Father’s Day.  He’ll look debonair in Ziegfeld monogram cuff links from The Great Gatsby collection by Tiffany & Co., inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s film in collaboration with Catherine Martin.

A messenger satchel and zippered billfolds from the Tiffany Leather Collection are thoughtfully designed for Dads on the go.  Or outfit him with classic, sterling silver accessories from a plaid business card case to a moneyclip.

Atlas®-Collection_57 (1)

Tiffany-Men's-access_898 (1)

Tiffany-Sterling-Sil_370 (1)

Tiffany-Everett-mess_1799 (1)

Tiffany-zippered-bil_1968 (1)

LuxeFoil Luxury Watches and Interview with Travis Ayers

Imagine a watch or piece of jewelry with an innovative design that includes metals so precise that NASA uses them in satellites. Or, an accessory adorned with metals in remarkable hues that are 500 times thinner than a human hair. These are just a few of the cutting-edge innovations LuxeFoil™ will debut this month at BASELWORLD, the world’s largest watch and jewelry show.

“LuxeFoil™ offers luxury brands a powerful combination of technologically advanced and breathtakingly beautiful materials that differentiate them from the competition and deliver up a competitive advantage, says Travis Ayers, LuxeFoil™ President. “The luxury watch and jewelry market already values precision, rarity and unique items. They also value craftsmanship and reliability. Those are all the things that are the heart of Luxel’s corporate culture and have been for 40 years. So it seemed like a natural place to start with LuxeFoil and take that into new markets. We look forward to launching the collection to the world’s pinnacle brands at BASELWORLD in a few weeks.”

For more information about LuxeFoil™ please visit:

 [youtube clip_id=””]



What inspired you to enter the luxury watch industry?

I love watches but most of all I love innovation.  One day I was flipping through a catalogue, I think it was Nordstrom, and was immediately drawn to the accessories and  watches.  Around the same time, back in the lab, I was examining a foil through a microscope and realized it wasn’t just functional, it was beautiful.  The shine, color and reflection it produced, along with the quality that I know we’re able to achieve seemed the perfect fit for the watch industry.

How long have you been working in this?

We have been producing material for the aerospace industry for nearly 40 years but are very new to the watch and luxury goods industry.  It’s quite a different world and we’re learning so much as we prepare for Baselworld.

In your opinion, what makes your materials unique?  How can they help watch brands?

LuxeFoil™ materials are produced with a patent-pending process that involves the latest nano fabrication techniques, similar to those in semiconductor and photovoltaic industries, can are used as a design element to enhance the face of a watch.  We makes foils 500x thinner than a human hair, in approximately 20 different materials.  For example:   Gold, Platinum, Titanium.  We even offer more exotic materials such as Zirconium, Niobium, Boron, Palladium, Silicon, Rhodium, that routinely survive rocket shots launching them into space.

What are some of your greatest accomplishments?

We have been tasked by major space agencies around the world, including NASA, The European Space Agency (ESA)and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.  In fact, our materials will be launched on ESA’s first mission to Mercury in 2015.  Our biggest fashion-related accomplishment at this point is showing at Baselworld, the largest watch and jewelry show in the world which takes place this week in Basel, Switzerland.  We’ve received great response from our initial outreach and are looking forward to the many meetings we have scheduled with some of the top watchmakers in the world.

What’s your favorite watch or watch companies?

I have a Rolex Submariner that my wife bought me when I finished my MBA but I am also drawn to several IWC designs.

What other experience do you want to share about working in the fashion industry (stylist, retail, marketing, etc.)?

The outreach and brand positioning in the luxury market is entirely different from dealing with Space Agencies.  It is such a vast market and branding is much more intentional.  It is very exciting to learn.

What’s in the future for LuxeFoil?

We expect to offer our stunning materials to watch companies from around the world.







T.I. – Hip-Hop Artist {Fashionable} Breakthrough with AKOO Clothing

Female hip-hop artist and athletes have held it down when it comes to being fashionable, for example Nicki Minaj, Queen Latifia, Venus and Serena Williams to name a few. But, when you consider male hip-hop artist and athletes, a number of things come to mind and one must add fashionably conscious to that list!


Now, more and more male rappers and athletes are becoming more concerned with their image and a few are becoming the go-to-guides for what to wear and what not to wear. Hip Hop mogul T.I. and Grand Hustle Entertainment CEO, Jason Geter, founders of AKOO, are the perfect examples of artist moving towards a more polished, refined and overall debonair look.


The brand is loved and worn by many a-list celebrities to include New York Giant, Ramses Barden, and breakout artist Chester Gregory, who was spotted most recently performing in the brand. To find out more information about the latest collection from AKOO, click on the link