Men’s Jewelry Guideline: Look Smart and Stylish

Jewelry has been associated with women since the longest time. The list of jewelry pieces for women goes on and on. It starts with earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings and much more. However, the trends are changing and men are becoming fashion conscious. They are choosing jewelry as an accessory and wearing it in style.

There is a wide selection of men’s jewelry that includes cufflinks, watches, rings, chains, and bracelets. When it comes to men’s jewelry, a simple addition of one accessory can change your personal style, only if you wear it right. It is easier for women to pull off diamond earrings with a heavy necklace or wear a couple of rings with dangling bracelets. For men, there are certain guidelines which need to be followed. If the accessory is not paired with the right outfit, it could end up ruining the entire look. Wearing jewelry for men is easier if it is worn in the right manner.

Always keep it simple and minimalistic. You might have come across men wearing different jewelry pieces every day. Right from your office to the gym or to a party. However, the lesser, the better. A lot of jewelry on men can be distracting and might look unprofessional. Here are different types of jewelry pieces for men and the ways to wear them. The most important rule for men’s jewelry is to always match the metals. If you are wearing a gold ring, you need to match it with a gold watch, the embellishment on the shoes and the color of the belt buckle. Do not mismatch the shades if you want to look smart and stylish. Nothing beats a well put together look.

  1. Watch


Every guy invests into sophisticated timepieces. You should ideally invest into two pieces – one for daily use and one for occasional use. You could also opt for a smartwatch in place of a traditional watch. A watch is the most common piece of accessory worn by men and if it is worn in style, it can immediately elevate your outfit. You can pick anything from everyday wear to formal wear but you need to ensure that you wear a watch on the opposite arm you write with. This will ensure that your movements are not interrupted. Always ensure that the watch fits well, you do not want one hanging down on your arm.

For everyday wear, choose a stainless steel or a leather band watch which can be worn regularly. Pick a hefty, round watch that has minimal detailing. Pick one in black, silver or gunmetal and stay away from crystalized options. You can also wear a smartwatch for everyday wear. The only thing is that it should not clash with everything else that you are wearing and it should accentuate it. If you are keen on investing into a dressy watch, you need to ensure that your timepiece stands out. The simpler the watch, the better it is. Go for a watch that is minimalistic yet sophisticated at the same time.

  1. Bracelet


When it comes to bracelets, men’s jewelry is very different from women’s. Men should avoid anything that is oversized or chunky. It should never overpower the outfit and should complement it in a unique manner. Whatever you are wearing, you can never go wrong with a metal bangle which is simple and minimal. It will add a touch to a simple outfit. Anything dangling from your wrists is a big no-no. You need to ensure that the bracelet is minimal and does not overpower the watch. Gone are the days of leather bands and bright-colored bands that men wore.

  1. Earrings


A lot of men are seen wearing earrings these days. However, since they are easily visible, you should not wear them if you are into a corporate job. And if you are very keen on wearing them, you need to opt for small-sized, dark-colored studs and ensure that you wear it in both ears. It is best to pick the size zero if you are wearing earrings for the first time. You need to have a lot of confidence when it comes to carrying off earrings for regular wear.

  1. Necklace


Keep it classy and basic with a necklace. You can pick a thin and short chain from Frost NYC which is not too loud and will look cool even if you pair it with a basic t-shirt. Try to keep the chain very low-key so that you do not need to tuck it under your shirt. A stainless steel chain will do the trick for you. There are many different types and styles of chains available in the market. A lot of men like wearing Cuban link chains, but it all depends on how you pair them and the occasion for which you are wearing it. The necklace should have the ideal thickness and length for your body.

  1. Rings


Many men wear a wedding band on their hand, apart from that, you can pick a range of styles and types of rings for yourself. To pull it off, you need to limit yourself to a single band ring in silver or a gold ring or a two-tone ring which has a simple and elegant design. If you want more than one ring, you can consider the stacked style and wear it in a casual setting and own the look with confidence. However, wearing multiple rings is not a good idea for everyday wear. Just one ring in addition to the wedding band will do the trick for you.

  1. Cufflinks


Most commonly worn by men during special occasions, cufflinks are designed to hold the cuffs in place. The only time when a cufflink should be worn is on upscale occasions. You can be wearing formal attire with small cufflinks that express your style and personality. Pick classic and sophisticated styles like gold, silver or metallic links with minor detail and avoid diamonds, unusual shapes or a skull. Lastly, metal cufflinks in precious metals look extremely posh and masculine. Cufflinks should not be worn on a daily basis or they might kill the look. The accessory is meant for special and sophisticated occasions.

  1. Lapel Pin


Associated with politicians, lapel pins have a lot of affiliations and come in a wide range of sizes, designs, and colors. They should be worn on the lapel of the jacket and it should be small and stylish. Most importantly, the lapel pin should not clash with any other accessories you are wearing like a pocket square. In case you are wearing a lapel pin for the purpose of style, you need to choose a flower design in brass or silver or a subtle feather.

  1. Tie Clip


A Tie bar or a tie clip is a horizontal clip which slides over the top of the tie and keeps the tie from flying all over the place. It is a very small piece of jewelry and can be played around when styling it. It is safe to have a classic option but you should also invest in a fun clip that has a quirky design or meaning like an animal. You need to be able to pull it off in work environment and always ensure that the color of the clip matches with the rest of the outfit.

These are the eight most common accessories for men of all ages. The styles and designs vary and are available in a range of options. Pick one keeping your personal style and preferences in mind. Men should never ever overdo when it comes to jewelry, it can end up breaking the entire look and will put you into trouble. Try to keep it simple, minimalistic and classy. Even a small addition of lapel pin on your attire can make a major difference to the way you look.

It helps to choose pieces that are in trend and are elegant. However, it makes no sense to follow fashion blindly and pick pieces that could end up spoiling your complete look. You do not need to spend a huge amount on the purchase of statement pieces. Rather, search for options that are within your budget and choose the one that suits you the most. Styling jewelry on men is a tedious task and one should be aware of the different ways of wearing the same. The same piece of accessory can be worn for everyday wear, party wear, and formal wear. It should be something that goes with everything and can be styled with ease. Never overdo it in case of a formal attire. Depending on your profession, you need to select pieces that will suit the corporate environment you work in and it should suit your physique and personal style. Get your hands on the latest jewelry pieces and wear them with confidence at all times. If you know how to style it, you have won the game.

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