Mastering The Mix from House of Terrance

There are likely a few different reasons for the rise in popularity of mixing prints.  Designers like Alessandro Michele of Gucci, Stuart Vevers of Coach, and Stella Jean, have made an impact on this type of fashion.

There’s a search for a more expressive individualistic way of dressing and access to sophisticated styling due to social media.

1. Color and silhouette are important considerations when mixing prints.
Keep your mix easy and classic in shape. Stay with 2 or 3 colors at the most to simplify things. More than that and you risk looking clownish.

2. Scale too is all-important.
Make sure and use a range of sizes in your patterns to make your mix more interesting and sophisticated. The easiest mix to try is 2 black and white prints in different sizes.

3. Try adding a solid basic to the mix,
like a jean jacket, leather jacket, or blazer to create some visual tranquility in your ensemble. And for a shortcut to pattern mixing look for pre-mixed pieces that incorporate 2 or more patterns already.

4. Be fearless!
Try mixing a floral with stripes, plaid or animal prints (often considered neutrals these days). Or you can go with the same pattern in a different color or size. It all can work, especially if you keep 1 and 2 above in mind.

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