MIXT Studio Trucker Hats and Kerry Washington

Paper and gift brand MIXT Studio, best known for printing free-spirited patterns on Tyvek bags and totes, introduced a trucker hat for the Women’s March two days before the event. MIXT founder, Marcie Carson, has been a longtime contributor to the women’s and humanitarian movement and created the iconic design for a local group of women. What started as a spontaneous I’m-going-to-do-this-for-my-friends was met with such enthusiasm and interest that the hats are now available as a commemoration of this historical event.

Award-winning actress Kerry Washington from the ABC drama, Scandal, sported the Trucker Hat on Saturday as she appeared with hundreds of thousands at the Women’s March in Los Angeles.

MIXT Studio Women’s March Trucker Hats can be purchased from the MIXT studio website mixtstudio.com.  Hats are $18 and available in 3 colors, #mixtmoxie.


Founded in 2012, MIXT Studio is a lifestyle brand created by esteemed designer Marcie Carson. The word “MIXT” is derived from the company’s eclectic design approach, which includes a wild mix of pattern, texture and color. Marcie and her team have garnered honor and respect in the industry. She has won hundreds of design and marketing awards throughout her career and her work has been recognized by publishers such as Taschen, Rockport and Graphis. Not only was she Madonna’s costume assistant, but her resume is packed with influential clients such as Getty, BMW, Disney, UCLA, Dole, Mattel, Hilton, the Academy and Grammy awards. In 2006, Marcie was selected by the U.S. Department of Labor as an occupational expert for graphic design. Now Marcie focuses on creating beautifully designed products.

Everything that leaves MIXT Studio follows Marcie’s commitment to a clear conscience and good karma.


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