How to Find Maternity Swimwear “That Suits” by Guest Contributor Sally Neal

Shopping for maternity clothes can be a nightmare. In fact, shopping for anything baby-related can be a pretty trying experience. From the day you find out you’re expecting, your house will gradually become full of scraps of paper on which you have listed the next ten things you need to buy. Your partner will watch in slow-mo horror as the balance in the joint bank account rapidly plummets from ‘acceptable’ to ‘getting slightly worried’. The spare room will be piled high with prams, Moses baskets, baby-grows donated by well-meaning friends and family and all sorts of other paraphernalia.

Not that I’m trying to put you off, rather I want to help you during such a busy time. Take a leaf out my book: don’t sweat the small stuff. For example, I spent a great deal of time trying on maternity swimming costumes and bikinis in the shops when I was expecting, only to realise that I could have found one on line. The Internet is a fantastic tool to use when you are pregnant, as there are loads of handy hints about what you need to do and lots of blogs which you can read.

I also felt under quite a lot of pressure to do a sufficient amount of exercise whilst pregnant. At first, I carried on with my normal light jogging routine, but after a while I found running was too much to contend with. Going for long walks sounded like an attractive option, but unfortunately I worked full time up until 8 months so I could not devote time to doing this. Then I found out that swimming was a viable alternative.

In terms of exercise, for example, swimming is one of the best ways a Mum-to-be can get the exercise she needs without overstretching. In terms of swimwear, fashion lines are much more au fait with flattering a pregnant wearer than a decade ago, hence there is a much wider choice of cossies to choose from. Comfort and flexibility make for a comfortable bikini or swim suit.

Here’s how to choose a swim suit to suit you:

-Pick a bikini or costume with adjustable straps to support your bust, should you need additional support in this area

– If you are feeling smaller on top, a halter neck bikini top will enhance your bust. Bright colours or ruffles will also help draw attention to the bust

-As many women are blessed with large hips, a heavily detailed swimsuit or a halter neck style works well to draw attention from this area. Should you opt for a bikini, wearing darker bottom halves will focus the eyes on the top

-If you have a boyish figure, choosing a low-leg swimsuit will make your body appear longer
So, grab a swimming costume and get rid of all that pregnancy stress by going for a swim. It can’t be that bad, as people do it again and again! In fact, I’m currently pregnant with baby number two! Better start writing some more lists…

Author Bio:

Sally Neal is busy trying to find a maternity bikini for her holiday this July!


Tori Spelling looking great pregnant wearing a two piece swimsuit