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Every day is leg day in Nude Barre for icons like Tyra Banks and Wendy Williams. Nude Barre gains continued growth as it empowers women and girls who dare to go bare tastefully across the U.S. Seven years of sustainable hosiery revered for its durability, comfort and chic style. Also gracing the legs of actress Laverne Cox, Star Jones and singer, Mya. This invisible hosiery is made in 16 shades of nude to match all skin tones.

Noted by Black Enterprise on how Nude Barre redefined the term “nude” to make it more inclusive for all women. Nude comes in all shades, says owner Erin Carpenter. “It’s a bold statement of validation to all women: you are beautiful in your own skin.” It’s not Victoria Secret or Le Perla, its Nude Barre.
Nude Barre continues to reign as leader by identifying, then fulfilling a much-needed void in a booming industry. Paving the way for other like brands.

In 2014 intimate apparel sales (bras, panties, day wear and shape wear) were about $80.5 billion globally and $11.1 billion in the U.S. Sustainability is gained through production adherence to specified cottons, yarn and other materials designed to be sustainable. Carpenter says, “Nude Barre panties are made with a eco friendly fabric. To make the textile spandex, you have to melt down plastic. So majority of all products are made from recycled plastic. We also use eco friendly dyes as often as we can.” Nude Barre’s lavish line of eco friendly undergarments enters 2016 with luxurious CRYSTALLIZED TIGHTS.


“I like to make the product durable enough for the active woman. So whether you’re going to a yoga class, you are a professional dancer or a corporate woman, the product can adapt to your lifestyle.”

Currently sold online and retail stores in New York City, Georgia, and various Ambiance locations throughout San Francisco. Next steps for Nude Barre is expanding to department, small chain stores and boutiques throughout the U.S. and internationally.

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