Bridal Style: Wedding Dress Shopping Do’s and Don’ts

A wedding is one of the most important events for any woman across the world. It’s the culmination of an important relationship after potentially many years of anticipation. You’ve probably pictured yourself walking down the aisle since you were young, and now that the day is near, you want to look your best.

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While you can theme the wedding however you and your partner would like, what matters more is choosing a dress that not only looks beautiful but also has quality put into it. For those who feel confused or overwhelmed by browsing through the multitude of styles and assortment of wedding dress, here are some do’s and don’ts you should follow when you’re shopping:


Go to Wedding Dress Specialty Shops

While you might have a small group of local dress shops in mind, this is the time to expand your horizons. Don’t try to pass off a dress that’s not specifically intended for weddings on your big day. Some local stores probably won’t have huge selection of wedding dress styles available, so it’s best to find shops that specialize in gowns made how you envision them. These specialty stores are usually found in larger cities or malls. If you want, you can also search for wedding dress stores online so you won’t have to be limited looking for the perfect wedding dress based on where you live.

Check Over Different Sizes

You’ll never know how well a dress will fit on you unless you’re trying out ones with slightly different sizes. While your clothes may fit you just fine with the size you usually use, a wedding dress may require a different size as its fitting requirements could work differently from that of regular clothing. Be sure that your wedding dress options are just as comfortable as they are attractive. Some wedding dresses could look gorgeous yet may be so uncomfortable that it’s not worth it.

Buy a Quality Dress

Everyone loves the adventure of finding a good bargain these days. Does this mean you should do the same with a wedding dress? While there are many great dresses on sale, they usually come with a drawback, whether it’s out of season, an awkward color, or the wrong fit. As hard as it could be to stomach paying a higher price for a dress, it’s best to use your full budget. You’ll generally get better quality, fresher styles, and nicer fabrics. To combat paying a higher price tag, you can use membership points or gift cards to get a better deal, though you shouldn’t always wait for a special sale to pop up when your wedding’s close.


Shop at the Last Minute

Procrastination is never a good thing, especially when deadlines are near. This doesn’t always happen to brides and grooms, but searching for a wedding dress should be a high priority when the event’s date comes closer. Sure, it can be unpleasant when you have to go through different dresses to put on, especially if your progress seems to go nowhere. Still, it’s easier to devote time to searching for a dress without having to be buried under multiple errands. However long you want to spend searching for a wedding dress, don’t wait until the wedding’s super close, and don’t even think of rushing your way through the shops when there are only a few days left.

Changing Up Your Wedding Dress

They say that less is more, which can also apply to wedding dresses in some ways. It’s perfectly fine to change up the looks of a simple dress with extra decorations. Still, there are instances where the twists can go a little farther than they need to be — for example, wearing symbols that either clash with the aesthetics of a marriage or look inappropriate would be best to avoid. Additionally, make sure that your dress doesn’t have too much added onto it, especially if you want to avoid getting comparisons with the more ridiculous outfits of many celebrities. The beauty of a wedding dress is probably best left alone, so it’s best not to change it up too much when there’s nothing that looks wrong.

Rely on Hand-me-downs, Renting, or Borrowing from a Friend

Let’s get the first part of this “don’t” out of the way. A hand-me-down could only be recommended if it’s part of family heritage or as a gift that your mother would give you to continue growing your family’s legacy. Otherwise, avoid asking your mother or relatives if you can use their old, possibly unpreserved wedding dress. Renting a wedding dress may seem like a good idea, though you might have to pay more if it gets stained or suffers any rips. It’s best to buy a wedding dress to avoid worrying about any damage. You’ve already got so much on your mind. Finally, borrowing a wedding dress is another idea that sounds convincing on paper but not in its execution. Your friend’s wedding dress may not be your size, or its look may not be what you’re going for. Plus, everyone wants their own big day to have a unique style.

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Wedding Attire 101: What to Wear To A Wedding

Weddings are a $50 billion annual industry, with the average American couple spending more than $35,000 on their special day.

It can be easy to let that price tag intimidate you when you open your invitation. But of all the things you have to worry about — like finding a perfect gift for the newlyweds — your wedding attire doesn’t have to be one of them.

Here are the “I Do’s” and “I Don’t’s” of Wedding Attire

Before you proceed, there are a couple of rules you should keep in mind, especially if you’re a lady.

No. 1: Avoid white, off-white, or ivory. After all, you don’t want to detract attention away from the bride.

No. 2: Black is actually permissible now. Traditionally, the color used to be reserved for funerals and mourning, but Glamour Magazine reports that it’s become more socially acceptable because of how flattering and versatile it is. Some weddings are even specified as black-tie affairs now.

If you’re not sure what the dress code is, ask the bride to see one of her wedding programs to get a better idea of what to expect. It’s also helpful to note the setting and time of the wedding, that way you can stay comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

For the Ladies

There are a few guidelines to follow once you know the time and location of the wedding. For instance, avoid black and sequins if the wedding is during the day, as this will make you appear overdressed.

Additionally, remember that the wedding will be attended by guests of all ages, not just your own. This means you should probably save that low-cut, high-hemmed, revealing, or form-fitting dress for the bachelorette party — especially if the wedding is taking place in a church or other modest setting.

Moreover, you want to accessorize properly. Ditch the tote bag in favor of a clutch, cross-body, or mini bag. All you’ll need is your keys, phone, ID, credit card, and lipstick. And as for the shoes, you want them to balance the formality of your outfit, not over- or underdo it.

Lastly, if a dress just feels a bit too feminine for you, you’re allowed to wear pants. Just be sure they’re not denim; stick with a pair of elegant slacks, or find a comfortable pantsuit.

For the Gentlemen

Although wedding attire for men is significantly less diverse, it’s still possible to screw it up. However, feel free to personalize your look with a pocket square, cufflinks, or tastefully patterned tie.

Rule number one: No shorts. Ever. Not even in the summertime. Remember it’s a wedding and not a Saturday frat party before the game.

Your safest bet will be a suit and tie, but remember to stay away from black. Navy is a better alternative if you’re drawn to the darker, neutral shades. And if the dress code is “black tie,” stick with a tuxedo and black bowtie.

Before We Part…

No matter what you decide to wear, make sure your wedding attire is properly tailored for the occasion. The last thing you need is a wardrobe malfunction on the dance floor.

Keep the theme of the wedding in mind as well. Some couples like to get creative over their shared interests, so this might allow you some extra freedom with your outfit. And if all else fails, it can’t hurt to run your idea by the bride and groom for approval beforehand.

Feeling lost? Let the Kim West Styling agency give you some pointers. Visit her page at Style Life Fashion to arrange a virtual consultation.

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Wedding Guest Faux Pas: 4 Fatal Fashion Mistakes

It’s meant to be the biggest day of someone’s life – so to say that weddings are a pretty important event when it comes to fashion would be an understatement. Unless you happen to fall into the A-list category, it’s rare for the Average Joe to have cameras flashing in their face from all directions. However, the wedding provides this opportunity – and is why you need to dress to impress.

As you may have gathered by now, this is where today’s article steps in. We will now mull over four terrible fashion mistakes that are commonly made for weddings, so you don’t fall into the traps.

This isn’t a funeral, black is out of the question

Unless you are attending quite a niche wedding, where the dress code is probably stipulated on the invitation, don’t under any circumstances turn to black. Sure, it’s fine in moderation, but dressing from head-to-toe in this color is out of the question. This is associated with funerals, and you will stand out like a sore thumb.

Instead, opt for more vibrant colors. Take a look at for some inspiration.

Take advantage of the moment – wear headgear

There are few moments in life where the typical person gets the chance to wear a hat, but a wedding is one of these. As such, take full advantage of it.

Of course, this suggestion tends to be targeted towards females, where hat choices tend to be a lot more varied. Even if you don’t see yourself as a “hat person”, at least consider something like headbands or something else to make your head stand out a little more. After all, most others in the crowd will have realized the opportunity and will be basking in the fact that they can now don a hat.

Take the whole day into account

As pretty much everyone will testify, a wedding isn’t a short event. From the ceremony to the conclusion of the evening event, it lasts for hours upon hours. This means that you have to factor in all sorts of different temperatures.

Sure, your outfit might be perfect for the midday sun. However, as evening arrives, you might need a lot more than a dress to keep warm. Always take this into account, and make sure that your outfit is going to match with the coat of your choice.

It pays to do a bit of research

While you might be your own woman or man for that matter, it can pay to research what other guests are wearing. After all, while you do want to stand out, you don’t want to stand out for all of the wrong reasons.

You don’t want to be wearing something that completely contrasts with everyone there, nor do you want to be wearing the same garments as other people who are attending. Ask a few questions beforehand to ensure that you don’t run into any of these problems.

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What To Wear To A Wedding In 2018 – Choose The Ideal Outfit

When you have a wedding to go to, it is easy to go into a sheer panic over what to wear. You have to think about all sorts of factors such as how comfortable you will, what the weather will be like, whether there is any color theme in place, and more. Considering you may be at the wedding for the best part of the day, it is important to select your outfit carefully so you benefit from a combination of comfort and aesthetic appeal.

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If you are struggling to decide what to wear, there are a few tips that can help. First off, make sure you find out whether the happy couple has put any sort of dress code or color scheme in place, as the last thing you want is to turn up in a canary-yellow dress when the dress code is lilac or pink! Once you have this information, you can then start shopping for a suitable outfit for the big day.

Trends and Options to Help You Choose the Ideal Outfit


Choosing the perfect wedding outfit doesn’t need to be a challenge as long as you keep some key points in mind and you look at some of the latest trends. From stylish tailored dresses and trouser suits through to stunning evening gowns by Marchesa Notte, there is something for every taste and preference.

One thing to remember is that you should never buy an outfit that will upstage the bride’s dress otherwise you could find yourself in hot water with the happy couple! Elegance and style are, of course, important but you also need to make sure you are comfortable in the outfit. This is especially important if you will be wearing the same outfit all day.

So, let’s take a look at some of the latest trends when it comes to wedding outfits:

Embroidered dresses



If you want to ooze elegance when you attend the wedding, opting for an embroidered dress is a great idea. When you choose an embroidered gown, you can really look the part for the wedding with a look that is timeless and classy. The bride and bridesmaids will probably have embroidery on their dresses too, which means your dress will fit in perfectly with the wedding theme.

Glitzy metallic dresses



A wedding is a happy event so a little glitz and glamour won’t go amiss. You can inject your own glitz by opting for a stylish metallic dress. Metallic materials are very trendy these days, so you can show off your fashion sense while enjoying a combination of style, elegance, and class. Metallic dresses that incorporate patterns and prints are particularly effective and will add a unique touch to your overall look.

Chiffon and lace



Do you want to embrace the romance of the big day? If so, you can reflect this in your outfit by going for a stunning chiffon and lace dress. These dresses hang and flow beautifully, so you can enjoy looking really elegant. They also look elegant, romantic, and timeless, which makes them ideal for a wedding. If you are attending a summer wedding, you can even enjoy increased comfort because you will feel much cooler in this type of material.

Tailored dress



If you want something a little more conservative but still elegant and stylish, a tailored knee-length dress coupled with kitten heels is an excellent choice. You can opt for a single color or choose a two-tone dress in a variety of shades. You can also find tailored dresses in floral prints, which can add an extra touch of elegance to your outfit.

Step Out in Style


With these great dress options, you can step out in style when you head to your next wedding. You will enjoy looking stylish, elegant, and classy while feeling comfortable and confident.


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Buying An Engagement Ring On A Budget: Heirloom Jewelry

There used to be an unwritten rule that a man should spend 2 months’ salary on an engagement ring. There’s no such guideline anymore. It’s more important to buy a ring that you can realistically afford than it is to follow any arbitrary guideline such as that. But engagement rings are expensive, right? How can you buy an expensive piece of jewelry on a budget? By being strategic. Here, we’ll offer some tips to help you purchase that most important piece of jewelry on a budget.

Featured Meghan Markle Engagement Ring Photo from ElleUK

Choose the right setting

Even if your wallet won’t let you buy the biggest diamond in the store, you can get the illusion of a larger stone by choosing the right setting. For example, if you choose a setting that features a ring of smaller diamonds around the centre stone, for example, it will give the illusion of a larger stone, but with a lower price tag.

Go for pavé diamonds

Pave diamonds can make any ring look more expensive. They offer the look of crushed ice, consisting of many small diamonds grouped together. This produces a dazzling, high-end look at a lower price point.

Be aware of size

The price of a diamond goes up exponentially at certain size points. For every carat and half-carat size increase, there is typically a jump in the price, too. One way to sae a few dollars is to do what experts call “buying shy.” Using this technique, look for a diamond that is a little shy of the one-carat or half-carat mark (1.7 carats, for example, as opposed to an even 2) can save you a significant amount of money and you won’t even notice the differential in size.

Opt for gold

Platinum has become a trendy wedding band choice because it has many great attributes, but those advantages also come with a higher price tag. Opting for the more classic gold option will save you a few dollars. If you still want the look of platinum without the high price, choose white gold. White gold isn’t as durable as platinum, but it is strong, resistant to rust and tarnish, and very beautiful!

Pay attention to the cut

Certain cuts of diamonds will cost more than others. Knowing which are the most budget-friendly will go a long way toward saving you some money. An emerald cut, for example, will look bigger than the carat weight suggests.

Buy a set

This can be a challenge if you are trying to surprise your soon-to-be fiancé with a ring, but if you can, buy the engagement ring and the matching wedding band together. By making the purchase in a set like that, you’ll likely get a better deal than if you buy the engagement right now and the wedding band later. Of course, this may not always be possible, but if you can (such as if you are picking out your rings together) this can be a way to save some money.

At the end of the day, choosing the right engagement ring doesn’t have to mean going for broke. There are lots of beautiful and meaningful options at every price point, so there’s no need to spend more than you need to get a special ring for your special someone. Using these tricks, you can find the perfect ring for your partner without spending more than you can afford. Spend as much as you comfortably can, and not a penny more. Your soon-to-be fiancé wouldn’t want you to start out your new life together deeply in debt just so you can buy a bigger, flashier ring.

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When Chic Brides Brunch | The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Desitination

A few weeks ago, local Washington DC Event Company A4dable Events (Pronounced “affordable”) hosted the inaugural When Chic Brides Brunch. Hosted by recently engaged WUSA9 Reporter Mikea Turner, the brunch was the ultimate pre-wedding destination for soon-to-be brides!
Upon arriving When Chic Brides Brunch, guests were greeted and then were ushered into the ballroom where they mingled with onsite vendors and enjoyed tunes by wedding DJ Floyd (all of the guests fell in love with his playlist!) The decor of the brunch was breathtaking, with the tables decorated in silver/pink and at first glance, the table looked as if it was adorned in jewelry. There were also real flowers placed in the openings of the candlestick centerpieces, jewel-plated bases, and mini jeweled candlestick holders to accompany.
There was a complimentary mimosa bar, a lavish brunch that included chicken and waffles and on the place setting was delectable milk chocolate that was decorated in bridal decor. After brunch, there was a cake tasting and a bridal fashion show featuring gowns from St. Anthony’s Bridal and one lucky lady was able to win a FREE bridal gown, if that wasn’t enough for the grand finale, there was a pyrotechnics display which gave many an idea of how to end their special day with a “bang!”
A4dable Events would like to thank the partners and sponsors:
Decorator The Hampton Conference Center, Wedding Dresses St. Anthony’s Bridal, Venue Salsa With Silvia, Mimosa Bar Creme de la Creme, Catering  (Cater Laine), Lighting Real Fairytale Weddings,Wedding Cake O’real Bakery, Videographer Ajena Media, Photographer YPose Images, Florist Conset’s Floral, Makeup Artists Modernly Beautiful Makeup, LLC, Coordinator Rescue Event Planning, LLC, Chocolate Favors Le Papiyon, Photographer Enhance Moments Photography, Stationary Put It On Paper Stationery, DJ FLOYDS DJ SERVICES, Bridal Hair 630 Studio, LLC, Photobooth Smile Social Photo Booth, Fashion Stylist Malik, Accessories Anaelise Martinez, Fashion Show Director IHI Modeling Agency, Beauty Samples Imani Mary Kay.
For more information on A4dable Events, please visit

Azazie Online Bridal Boutique – Reliable and Quality Shopping Experience

Azazie is an online Bridal Boutique with an array of dresses in all colors and sizes.  The boutique carries wedding, bridesmaid, and mother of the bride dresses.  Shoppers can purchase accessories such as wraps and sashes along with samples (and swatches.)


I was a bride many years ago and recognize the importance of purchasing wedding accessories from a reputable retailer.  Azazie provides an easy online shopping experience: select the dress style, color, size and add to the shopping cart.  The boutique also carries sizes 2 through 26 which is great for women of various sizes.  The checkout experience was fairly easy with a log in and confirmation by the customer.


Quality starts with simple details.  I received my dress in a well made garment bag on the hanger.  The Azazie Katrina princess cut dress was beautiful in design; made with chiffon fabric and small pleats/tucks.  The dress also had bra cups for the lady who wants to go braless.

I’m a versatile girl who likes to wear bridesmaid dresses as a cocktail dress for a night out.  I also decided to add a touch of color with teal blue accessories (shoes, earrings, and bracelet) and fur coat for warmth in the winter season.


There’s a variety of options when shopping for bridal wear beyond attending a wedding.  One can visit for pageanty, prom, hosting, and special night.  I had a wonderful shopping experience with and would suggest the online retailer to anyone who’s searching for reliable, quality bridal dresses and accessories.



About Azazie:

Azazie is on a mission to reinvent the way you shop for special occasion dresses. We believe that everyone should own custom-made pieces that are of the highest quality and tailored for a perfect fit – all the while being affordable. Our unique platform matches your needs to the skilled craftsmanship of a small group of artisan tailors and ships that one-of-a-kind dress right to your door.

Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson Wedding Photos

There’s something to be said when you dare to be different. Today, Solange Knowles married her long time sweetheart Alan Ferguson. Based upon the photos below, she chose a modern, minimalistic style which has inspired “creative spirits” everywhere.


The most unique element about the wedding was the entire wedding party wearing all white. Solange has always been known for her artistic style with beautiful natural hair and her fashionable photos.  And we can’t get enough of her white pantsuit.

What an inspirational non-traditional way to say your vows. And that my dears is how you “break the internet!”



Gabrielle Union – Regal Photos of The Bride

Truthfully, I’ve waited for the release of #thewadeunion photos because I knew that Gabrielle Union would be a beautiful bride.

She’s giving us regal glamour in the picture above with beach wave hair, diamond earrings, and a heart shape gown. And looks severely “hot” in the jumpsuit below!