Overcoming Previous Beauty Mistakes: Dress Disasters and Skincare Rescue

When you look back at old pictures of yourself online, you cringe at your outfit choices, hairstyles, and condition of your skin. You never want to return back to that place of bad fashion sense and awful hair choices. You’re still trying the get the best skin you possibly can, but you realize this can take a lot of time. You have to have a sense of humor about the fashion faux pas you made in the past; growing into your own style is all about the learning curve you experience along the way. Instead of beating yourself up about it, put on a smile and look ahead to a better and more beautiful style.

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Dress Disasters

Perhaps you look back at your prom pictures and wish you had picked a better-colored dress for your skin tone or you feel ashamed at what you wore for your 18th birthday party. You don’t have to have this fear anymore, you just need to look in the right place for dresses to suit your style. If you click here you will find a whole range of dresses that will suit any occasion you need to attend. No more blushing or embarrassing memories for you!

Skin SOS

When you were a teenager you suffered from pretty bad skin and you are still trying to combat the zits to this day. Changing up your skincare regime will do wonders for your confidence and will also prevent you from making those same beauty mistakes all over again. Try not to layer your skin with too much makeup in order to cover a blemish; you will actually be drawing more attention to it if you do this. Don’t touch, pick or squeeze the pesky thing, simply apply a calming treatment and let it go down naturally.

Hair Help

You are guilty of dying your hair with bleach when you were younger and it’s never quite recovered. Visit your local hairdresser for a Keratin or Olaplex treatment which will restore the natural strength of your hair very quickly.

Body Blunders

When you see yourself in pictures you are pretty ashamed of certain parts of your body, although you shouldn’t be at all, you might want to take action and make yourself feel better. You can exercise without even realizing it, whether you’re dancing in a Zumba class or rollerblading with your friends, you will soon feel more body confident.

Whether you need to smarten up your sense of style or work on your body insecurities, you can start to leave your beauty blunders in the past. Wanting to work on your fashion and update your look will do wonders for your confidence in the long run, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone once in a while. Fashion is ever changing for a reason, so something you love today might seem like an outrageous choice in a couple of months. As long as you are wearing something that makes you feel chic, sophisticated and confident you will never have to worry about your style choices again.

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