Bra Fitting: How To Guide

If you’re in the market for a new piece of lingerie, be it out of necessity or just a pure want, there are some things you need to know before offering up your credit card. As any woman who has ever bought a bra knows, they’re one of the most difficult items to properly size yourself. It is possible though, if you abide by a few guidelines. Below are a few tips that can ensure that you’re know the best bra fitting possible before that trip to the store.


The Cup

Your bra cups should be big enough to ensure there’s not any spillage at the bottom, over the bra strap, or on the sides. However, your breasts shouldn’t be swimming inside the cups either.

You can get a general idea of what size you should be looking for by following the fruit method. As explained by Adam and Eve, the letter of your lingerie is your cup size: A, B, C, D, and so on. Check below to find what piece of fruit your breast mirror most to find out which cup size you should be looking for.

Plum—AA or smaller





The Straps

Your bra straps are just as crucial to the integrity of your lingerie as anything else. In addition to the band and underwire, the straps help keep your chest supported and, more importantly, your bra in place.

Probably the most tell-tale sign that your bra isn’t fitting right is that your straps are sliding off your shoulders. The solution could be as simple as shortening them, but if they’re as tight as they go, you might need a replacement.

There isn’t an exact strap size you should look for in your next bra. But according to Cosmopolitan, as a rule of thumb, the larger the breasts the wider your straps should be. You also should make sure they’re not cutting into your shoulders. If they are, it means your underwire and band aren’t taking on the amount of support they should be.


The Band

Finally, your band needs to be tight, but not uncomfortably.  Fresh Pair states that 90 percent of your bra’s support should be achieved from a snug, well-fitting band. You should be able to fit one to two fingers underneath it, and it should sit level around your body from front to pack. As Fresh Pair notes: “If it rides up your back, it’s too big. If your straps are falling, it’s too loose.”

Finding a properly fitting piece of lingerie can make you feel beautiful, confident, and fully supported whether you’re hanging out at home or painting the town red. Just follow these tips before hitting the shops.

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