DIY Network Host James Young and Walmart Holiday Food Pantry Makeover

Style + Life + Fashion had the opportunity to interview James Young from DIY Network’s, I Hate My Kitchen. James shared with us his efforts to Makeover 75 Local Food Pantries Nationwide for The Holidays with the help of


James Young
James Young


James Young is the host of 8 seasons and over 100 episodes of DIY Network’s I Hate My Kitchen. James loves tearing up and rebuilding kitchens, and this cause is close to his heart. The US Army Veteran is a licensed building contractor and electrician who has also appeared on Blog Cabin and hosted The Hot List for DIY.

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Fashion to Figure Plus Size Retailer and Denise Caldwell Summer Style Soiree Event Recap

Fashion to Figure, America’s leading trendy plus – size fashion retailer, announces the opening of their newest Baltimore brick and mortar store at White Marsh Mall. In celebration of their latest location, Fashion to Figure partnered with curvy fashion blogger and Baltimore native Denise Caldwell, hosting an in-store summer style soiree last night.

Denise Caldwell & Fashion to Figure
Denise Caldwell & Fashion to Figure

The FTF in-store Fashion Stylists along with Denise were on hand sharing their style expertise with guests. In store promotions were offered to shoppers including up to 50% off merchandise.

“A major look of the evening was floral,” shared Denise. “It’s one of my favorite key trends of the season! It’s refreshing and also a mood booster. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. My favorite slimming style tip is to wear mixed colors like shades of purple, navy, cobalt and pastel blues together that have the same base tone.  FTF is a great spot.  I always leave feeling confident.”

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The retailer’s 26th store opening continues rapid national expansion for Fashion to Figure. Started by the two great-grandsons of Lena ‘Lane’ Bryant, Fashion to Figure was founded with the mission to make people’s lives better through the ultimate full-fashion experience.  FTF is the only fast fashion retail chain solely focused on women sizes 12-26 and is dedicated to giving this set of women access to on-trend, up to the minute styles at accessible prices.

“We are thrilled to be opening our eighth store in Maryland and our third in the Baltimore area”, said Michael Kaplan, Co-Founder and CEO of FTF. “We started Fashion to Figure to make a meaningful and positive difference to people within the US, and we are excited to expand within Baltimore as a whole.  We believe fashion is a state of mind not a size range and we are excited to bring our approach to White Marsh Mall and a new community of guests.”

The FTF White Marsh Mall location is now open to the public at 8200 Perry Hall Blvd. All clothing ranges from sizes 12 – 26, and all merchandise is under $50.









Fashion to Figure and Denise Caldwell Summer Style Party

Fashion to Figure and Denise Caldwell invite you to a Summer Style Party to celebrate FTF’s new White Marsh Store location! Join us on Monday, June 30th at The White Marsh Mall from 6 PM – 8 PM for sips, sweet, and trend advice from style expert and curvy fashionista Denise Caldwell!

WHEN: June 30th 6 – 8 PM
LOCATION: White Marsh Mall, 8200 Perry Hall BLVD, Baltimore, MD 21236

Fashion to Figure & Denise Caldwell Summer Style Party

Shalaja Swimwear Collection: Interview with Style + Life + Fashion

Style + Life + Fashion had the opportunity to interview the owner and designer of Shalaja Swimwear.  Located in Montgomery, Alabama, Shaquoya Jackson decided to stop searching for the ‘sexy, flirty yet sophisticated’ swimwear she desired and create it herself.


1. When did you realize you wanted to become a swimwear designer?

Well I have always loved fashion, modeling, and entertainment, and I always wanted to be a commercial model and be involved in the entertainment industry (Hosting or interviewing.)

photo (9)

I realized I wanted to become a designer in 2011 after I prayed to God to show me my purpose in life. When he showed me my purpose thats when it became my passion!

2. How long does it usually take to construct a swimsuit? And what’s your favorite piece from the collection?

To actually create a sketch design only takes about 5-15 mins depending on if I already have an idea in mind. Sometimes I sketch images that I’ve pictured in my mind and sometimes I sketch and design as I go. To get the swimsuit made takes around 2 1/2 weeks. I have a few favorite pieces from the collection so this will be hard! I guess I would have to say Black Chic Monokini is my favorite because black looks nice on everyone, and the high fashion look/design plus the mesh cut outs makes me feel sexy!

photo (10)

3. What was the first article of clothing you ever designed? What’s your inspiration?

My first article of clothing I ever designed was probably a skirt and top when I was in middle school. My first designed piece that was made was a swimsuit. My inspiration for my designs are everything that I like. If I see a print that I like on anything it may inspire me to use those colors or print. If I see a beautiful piece of clothing item it may inspire me to design a swimsuit a certain way. If I see a funky hairstyle it may inspire me to create a wild and crazy piece that would coordinate with the style. What inspires me in life is the fact that I am surrounded by striving, successful, and supportive people who works to achieve the best out of life and I want to do the same!

4. What are some of your accomplishments as a designer?

Actually just making it to the point where I am now is an accomplishment for me. I started a business completely on my own; researching and gaining all of the knowledge that I can to make all of this happen! I was involved in Miami International Fashion Week 2013 as well as Alabama Fashion Week 2013. I will be showcasing new pieces in Hollywood, Ca for Facet Fashion Week 2014. I have been featured in Epok Online Magazine, and Life on The Water Magazine which is sold in barnes and nobles, yachts, etc. I have also had the opportunity to supply my alumni school, ASU, with suits for ballet dancers and their performance.

photo (8)

5. Who are some of your favorite clothing brands?

I don’t have a favorite clothing brand. I wear everything and anything that I like. I mainly shop online at various stores, but I do love Versace and the luxurious prints used for their clothing.

6. What’s in the future for ShaLaJa Swimwear?

In the future ShaLaJa Swimwear will have a men’s line, kids line, exotic wear, beach lounge, and cover ups.


About Shalaja Swimwear

The collections feature different ranges of pieces in an array of prints, styles, textures, colors and embellishments – from simple to space age, and everything in between. All collection highlights include creative monokinis, twisted two-pieces and one-pieces that cinch your figure into svelte mode. Future plans for ShaLaJa’ include exotic wear, beach wraps, lounge wear, hats, t-shirts and a children’s line.

Shalaja Swimwear

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Beauty Box 5 February Subscription and Fun Products

My monthly subscription from Beauty Box 5 arrived and I was pleased to receive all of the goodies in this month’s box.

The company sent over Every Beauty Makeup Remover Pads, Rockstar Nail Polish, Elizabeth Mott Mascara, H20 Plus Spa Hand & Nail Cream, and John Frieda Shampoo/Conditioner.

I was super excited to use the Elizabeth Mott Mascara because I actually needed to purchase a new tube, so my subscription box came right on time. And the product lived up to my expectation: no clumps, goes on smooth, and wears well through out the day.

The Rockstar Nail Polish was actually one of the first items that caught my attention due to my love of the color pink…the nail sprinkles and I am excited to have my “caviar” nails done!

And of course, I welcome receiving any new hand cream because there’s so much dry air this season. To sum it up, I am enjoying my subscription and will post an updated photo of the nail polish once I have my weekly manicure.



Television Segment on ABC’s The List Baltimore: Watch Here

Yesterday, I hosted a lifestyle segment on ABC’s The List, Baltimore. I was very excited to have this opportunity because it was my first time on television.

One thing that most people don’t know about me is that I majored in Fashion Merchandising (in college) but I also had a theater scholarship for three years. I never imagined that I would have to put those skills to use other than teaching high school students.

Nevertheless, I hosted the segment; talking about how moms can keep themselves and baby safe during the cold winter months. Of course this was a topic that I could discuss because I have two boys.

The two products featured were really great and I hope the segment helps busy moms (such as myself) to live life a little easier.

Dress: Forever 21 | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Makeup: MAC | Belt:

Click Here to view:  The List Baltimore

Tomima Edmark, founder of Interview

What was your source of inspiration for helping women to find the right bra? So many sources. Seeing beautiful women with unsupported bustlines – knew I could make them look thinner and better. Reading many of our emails with women complaining how their bra fit and I knew with a little education they could solve their problem(s) and look better. My general nature to want to help people – when I know something I instantly want to share and help others

Can you name three (of the best) retailers in terms of purchasing new bras? And why? That’s a loaded question. You need to explain to me why I would do this? I think HerRoom is the best.

How was your experience when working with Oprah? Oprah had a very well-oiled operation when I was involved and on her show. Actually, did not meet her till just before the show was being taped. However, she was very gracious afterwards, and with bodyguards flanking her, she stayed and took questions from guests and audience members. Having been on several talk shows, this is extremely rare to have that kind of access.

Give us a few additional tips in terms of selecting the appropriate bra to wear (according to your breast type.). Women need to look very closely at the center panel of their bras and the placement of the straps and where they are attached. For example, if you have a high tummy, your center panel should have an arched center panel to help your bra rest on your sternum. If you have wide-set breasts, you need to look for a bra with a wider center panel because it will fit better. If you have really closely placed breasts, there should be almost no center panel. Strap placement. If your straps continually slip, look at how the straps are sewn on to the bra. Close to the underarm, and they will have a tendency to fall off. Sewn right above the apex of the cup (called a center pull strap) and you probably won’t have this problem. Sewn in the back where they are kicked in or sewn closer to the center and again, your straps will probably stay in place.

Tell us more about HerRoom is designed so that you have more information that if you went to a store to buy bras. First, there is a lot of patented features. We have the “see it under” set of images for every bra we sell. This way, you will know if any of our bras will work under a challenging neckline. Next, we have fitters comments within our details area. No site has the detail we have. We measure the thickness of the padding, the width of the straps, the height of the sides etc. We are the only site that does this. I personally work closely with the manufacturers to learn how their items are fitting. When I hear something unique, I put a Tomima Tip on the item. Again, not other site is giving you fit advice or calling out a unique feature or fit right on the product page. Our reviews are also unique. They are genuine and come from real women. We send all negative reviews to the manufacturer for comment. So, when you go through our product reviews you will see actual responses from them. No one else gives you this insight from the company that actually makes the product. I could go on and on here….

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Queensley Felix Interview: Multi-Talented Artist and Star of Houston Beauty

Queensley Felix, star of OWN Network’s show Houston Beauty had the opportunity to chat with Style Life  She shared her love of music, favorite trends, and what’s in the future for the multi-talented artist.  With the release of her new single Beautiful One, Queensley can be seen promoting her music and enjoying all things fashion!


As a vocalist, television personality, and custom wig creator when did you first want to become apart of the entertainment industry?

I honestly think I was born to entertain or “inspire” through the arts, however it was at the age of 6 when my mom realized my talent and begin to encourage me to develop it.

In terms of music, who inspires you (or what artist do you love?)

I absolutely love, love, love music. A few of the more prominent artist that inspire me are the late Mahalia Jackson, the incomparable Whitney Houston, Brandy, Luther Vandross, India.Arie, Chaka Khan and Stacy Barthe.

How did you began the craft of creating custom wigs for women?

I’ve always had a passion for haircare so I started on myself. As a result of the countless comments from women (both good and bad) and request, I begin to start doing custom wigs.

Aside from joining the cast of Houston Beauty, what are some of your hidden talents?

Vocalist of course which is my gift and as far as talents I’m a makeup artist, fashion stylist, songwriter and dancer…. who knows what else; I’m still discovering gifts (smile).

When we talk about fashion, what are some of your favorite trends for this winter? And what are some tips to stay warm but look fashionable?

Trench coats, leather, winter white, red lipstick, big Texas hair, over the knee and thigh high boots.  Winter is known to be a Fabulous girls favorite season (besides fall) because you can layer which keeps you warm and you can also play with different prints which will always keep you fashionable and unique in style.

How would you describe your personal style? What are some items you can’t live without?

Street regal, high fashion, heavy glam and polished. Lipstick, lip gloss, BANGLES and chunky gold jewelry…. They’re my weaknesses! And my “Crowned Q” signature earrings.


What’s in the future for the multi-talented Queensley Felix?

Expanding the Queensley Felix “Keep It Q’ute” brand with a book all about keeping it Q’ute from the inside out, a self love and spiritual makeup guide according to skin tone and personality type. An affordable keep it Q’ute makeup kit with 5 essential items to keeping a beat face on the go. More tv and music and of course motivational speaking to inner city youth and the “brown girl” so…. A lot! I pray God keeps me very busy for the next 30-40 years.


Tai Beauchamp Interview: Hair, Product, and Style Tips for Enjoying The Holiday Season

Style Life Fashion had the opportunity to chat with beauty and style expert, Tai Beauchamp.  She shared with us a few hair, product, and style tips for women during the holiday season.

I enjoyed speaking with Tai and listening to her suggestions! Our initial conversation started as an interview but concluded with a “girlfriends” chat about things we love: such as metallic shoes, statement necklaces, and the importance of maintaining healthy hair.

Tai’s not only a stylista but she’s also a Celebrity Ambassador for Target’s ” A Bullseye View” campaign; helping women look and feel their best this holiday season. We hope that you enjoy, like, and use the tips provided through the interview shown below!

What are some tips that women can use to look their best this holiday season?

Number one, this is a good time to try something new! Go out with a bang because you want to start the new year…with a bang. A great suggestion is to switch up your hair but women can also dress up their little black dress by adding statement jewels. By wearing statement jewels, this is a great way to save money on your wardrobe.

When we talk about hair, jazz it up by going from texture to straight, or vice versa. During the winter months, it’s important to keep the hair hydrated and conditioned. Some really great products to use are Mixed Chicks, Leave In Conditioner (at Target.) It’s a lightweight conditioner for all textures. Lastly, don’t forget to try Hair Rules product for hydrating your hair.

What are some style trends that we should know when preparing for a Holiday Party?

Anything that’s metallic is one of the hottest trends whether for the holiday or upcoming spring season. Also, we can’t leave out anything with studs, whether it’s dresses, skirts, sweaters, metal chains are very hot. In addition, consider buying a metallic blouse or metallic pumps (shoes are big) and pumps are back! They are hot, hot, hot, for the holiday season because they make a look appear pulled together.

Can you provide a list of products that women of all hair types can use to maintain their tresses during the holiday rush?

Mixed Chicks, Leave In Conditioner and Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner. The holiday season is also a time to do something new and to also treat yourself. While you’re relaxing in a long bath this is the perfect time to deep conditioner your hair. Use Shea Moisture products and let it sit there.  For relaxed hair and problems with “fly aways” the Twisting Butter from Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting Butter helps to create textures. Another fabulous trick you can do at home is to give yourself a deep conditioning with Olive Oil right from your pantry.  The foundation for gorgeous hair is healthy hair and hair gets drier in the winter months.

Are there any additional tips that you want to leave with us?

The key to enjoying the holiday season is to celebrate life; when we talk about celebrating you want to make sure your hair is fabulous, outfit fierce, perspective’s centered around love, friendship, and family.  No one thing stands alone but most importantly have a fabulous attitude!

Interview Coming Soon: Beauty & Style Expert Tai Beauchamp Hair Tips for Looking Your Best This Holiday Season




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Beauty & Style Expert Tai Beauchamp has teamed up with Target as a Celebrity Ambassador for their “A Bullseye View” campaign to promote products that help women look and feel their best this holiday season. She will share the latest and stylish holiday party trends through a series of “how-to” videos, giving women her best tricks, techniques and top multi-ethnic beauty product picks for the season.

Tai is the Style Ambassador for InStyle magazine and appears regularly as a television and red carpet correspondent. She has partnered with some of the most reputable consumer and retail brands including Dior Cosmetics, Nordstrom and Procter & Gamble.

Interview coming soon…