Cannes Fashion Festival 2015 – Tune in May 20 – 22


2015 is set to be a sensational year for the global fashion scene, as the first ever Cannes Fashion Festival takes place in France. Celebrating fashion in its entirety, the festival is a consumer-driven event which sets it far apart from similar fashion festivals around the globe. It also takes place in a highly sought after location, right across from the Cannes Film Festival’s red carpet!

Taking place from 20th-22nd May 2015, it also coincides with the internationally renowned Cannes Film Festival. That means the designers showcasing in the glamorous runway events will have a global stage and shows might even be attended by the world’s biggest film stars.


Additionally, the Cannes Fashion Festival will be historically streamed online for worldwide exposure. Tune in from anywhere around the globe to watch international designers and emerging talent showcase Haute Couture, Womenswear, Menswear, Jewelry, Lingerie, Swimwear, Bridal, Sportswear and Accessories.

With stunning runway shows, glamorous parties, competitions for talented aspiring designers, backstage interviews and the Global FashionAwards, the Cannes Fashion Festival is not to be missed. Fashionistas from all over the world will be coming together in a spectacular celebration of fashion talent in the South of France.

The stylish festival will feature an array of glittering runway shows and glamorous events to be attended by international designers, journalists, industry insiders and fashion forward consumers. Many world famous designers are already scheduled for appearances, including CUSTO Barcelona which has been worn by the likes of Brad Pitt and Natalie Portman. The brand has also created a series of limited edition T-shirts for which all profits will go towards stopping the deadly spread of Ebola.

The CUSTO fashion label and Cannes Fashion Festival have teamed up for the Ebola campaign, to assist charities which are helping the worst Ebola-affected areas. Sold online only, customers can choose which charity to donate the proceeds to at the checkout. What’s more, a number of the limited T-shirts have been sent to celebrities to sign, and these pieces will be auctioned off during the festival gala on Friday 22nd May.


The Art of Thrifting – How To Guide

Thrift shopping has become “the cool kids” way of updating their wardrobe and I have always adored thrifting.  It’s one of my favorite hobbies since the age of 15 and allowed me to express my individual style.

My dad could never understand my obsession with consignment/thrift shops.  He gave me money for clothing but instead of spending it at McCraes (which is now Belks) I would ask my mom to drive me to the thrift shop.

I think it was the experience of understanding clothing construction that attracted me to this hobby.  In the process of shopping, I learned a lot about fabrics and fixtures.  I also learned how to properly care for clothing because some items need to be dry cleaned while others required fabric softener.

Thankfully my mom never rejected my obsession because she also enjoys thrifting.  To this day we call it “the closet” and when I visit my parents we turn this into a major event.  For us, it’s a bonding activity and a perfect opportunity to neglect the budget planner for a little while, and still somehow save money!

I do recognize that thrifting’s not for everyone but I think it’s about strategy.  There’s an art to thrifting that many may not understand and some of us have the true knack of finding a good deal.  I want to help those who may not understand how to thrift and share in this experience.

Thrifted Skirt, Handbag, Belt, and Dress


Step Number One:  I read fashion magazines like Instyle or People StyleWatch to recognize what’s fashionable for the season.   When I’m shopping, I will instantly gravitate towards that trendy pair of white seersucker pants hanging on the rack.

Step Number Two:  Know your body type before shopping consignment/thrift stores.  Entering a thrift store can be overwhelming because there’s so much merchandise.  You want to select items that compliment your figure and NOT because it’s a designer blouse.  Nothing’s worse than paying $12 dollars for something that doesn’t work and you can NOT take back to the store.

Step Number Three:  Search for quality fabrics or what I like to call (this is my fashion degree moment) natural fibers.  They tend to hold up well in the course of wearing and look chic.

Step Number Four:  Always, Always, Always, Always, overlook the garment.  Do not purchase anything without searching the garment from top to bottom.  For example, if you have a blazer in your basket search the pockets for tears, look at the buttons to see if one’s missing, or whether there’s a hole in the fabric.  This is a very important step to thrifting.

Step Number Five:  This may come as a surprise but thrift shops actually have sale days.  Check with the sales associates or look around the store for sales.  Also, keep up with the store discounts; for example, if a ticket has a red sticker your item could be 50% off.

You’re probably asking what type of items have I found while thrifting?  Well,  you’ve actually seen a few of the items on this site but I’ve purchased a fur coat (my first one in graduate school) Louis Vuitton wallet, Ralph Lauren sweaters, BCBG pumps, vintage sunglasses and clutch purses, denim jeans, wool plaid swing coat (my favorite in college) knee boots, and the list goes on!

Nothing says “chic” better than mixing vintage couture and fabulous accessories.

FashionEasta 2015 – Harbor East Fashion Show Recap

Harbor East hosted it’s annual show titled FashionEasta on Saturday, April 25th, 2015.  The purpose of the event was to showcase local boutiques, cuisine, and cocktails.   There was live music by Full Tilt, Jon Boesche, and Super Bueno; guests also had the opportunity to partake in a photo booth from Baltimore Magazine.

IMG_2866 (1)

Styling for the FashionEasta Show was provided by Stephanie Bradshaw, Inc. and retailers included Free People, Under Armour Brand House, White House Black Market, Christopher Schafer Clothier, Lululemon Athletica, Handbags in the City, Amaryllis Handcrafted Jewelry, City Sports, Sassanova, Under Armour Brand House, and South Moon Under.  Featured Models where Justin Tucker from The Baltimore Ravens, Sharon Gibala with CBS Baltimore, Emily Gracey with Fox 45, George Lettis with WBAL TV, and Michael Owen with Baltimore Love Project.

IMG_2902 IMG_2901

Street – Side Harbor East Restaurants included Apropores, Gordon Biersch, Lebanese Taverna, The Oceanaire Seafood Room, Taco Fiesta.   

IMG_2900 IMG_2898 IMG_2897 IMG_2869 (1) IMG_2868 (1)

I enjoyed attending FashionEasta 2015; the music was upbeat, models entertaining, and love my FashionEasta shopping tote.  I also noticed a few items from the show that I’m interested in purchasing!  How could I forget that Preakness and Black Eyed Susan Day’s coming up soon.

IMG_2899 IMG_2875

picstitch (5)

Hair provided by Haute Blow Dry Bar | Makeup provided by Jen Padro, LLC

Christian Louboutin: The Nudes Collection Spring 2015

Luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin’s celebrating women of color around the world with the Nudes Collection.  According to the social media post, this particular collection’s suppose to “change the way you think about baring it all.”


Personally, I’m happy to see the new collection because I adore a nude (or flesh tone) pump.  They make the legs appear longer and can match anything in your wardrobe.  It’s also stated that nude pumps are the perfect work wardrobe staple accessory.

If you’re a Realhousewives of Atlanta fan, we first witnessed this idea when NeNe Leakes purchased numerous pairs for all of her bridesmaids.  This was a message that we should own a pair of Nude Louboutins to compliment our attire (or any occassion.)

NeNe Leakes Bridesmaids Nude Pumps
NeNe Leakes Bridesmaids Nude Pumps

The Christian Louboutin Nudes Collection can also be worn year round ladies; this is considered to be an investment in a quality pair of pumps.  To purchase a pair visit Bergdorf Goodman

head_long4_042115 head_long3_042115 head_long2_042115

Photos are from Bergdorf Goodman


I will share a photo of my shoes when they arrive!  Also, send me a photo to to share on Instagram and Facebook wearing your Nude Christian Louboutin pumps!

Ann Taylor’s Spring 2015 Trend Report

This year’s spring fashion shows had us hanging on the edge of our seats, but the wait is over – Ann Taylor’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection is bringing runway looks to you! Inspired by stylish women on the street, the collection features what will be spring’s hottest trends such as polka dots, refined stripes, florals, and mesh. Ann Taylor is also the destination for must-have accessories trends like bucket bags, cobalt pumps, and statement necklaces.


Polka Dots

What’s always fun, super-luxe, and never out of style? POLKA DOTS! Punctuate your look and go for polka dots — big or small or mixed together, this happy trend goes everywhere and with anything!


Refined Stripes

Seriously flattering and super refined – stripes never go out of style. Every woman should have a key transitional piece in her wardrobe with a timeless stripe print for a feminine and moderate update.


Winter florals were all the rage, and they are popping into spring. What better way to jump into spring than with a fresh floral print to bring either a subtle taste, or bold pop of color into your wardrobe!


A daring-and easy-way to bring textured contrast to your outfit, whether with a hint for a “peek-a-boo” look perfect for layering, or go all-in with playful skirts and hemlines.



Finishing touches make all the difference. Grab one of these functional accessories, and complete your head-to-toe elevated look with a pop of color or statement piece.

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Styling Patterned Trousers – Comprehensive Guide

Patterned trousers can look amazing, but you need to style them properly to ensure you don’t look out of place. You definitely don’t want to look like you’ve dressed in the dark! Using this guide when styling your trousers will make sure you look on top form!

Make a Statement With a Bright Top

Lots of prints look amazing with bright colours, so wear a bright top on your top half to make a statement. Leopard print and red would work really well, as would teal and monochrome dogtooth trousers. You can experiment in any way you like to find something that works. You can even pick something else to add colour, like a bag or your shoes. Even Islamic clothing is great to use for this tip.

Add a Fitted Blazer and Heels

If you want to wear your patterned trousers out on the town, simply add a fitted blazer and heels. You’ll look chic and turn heads for all of the right reasons! Want to make even more of a statement? Wear your blazer in a contrasting colour to your trousers.


Thrown on an Oversized Sweatshirt

If you want to dress down your patterned trousers slightly, add an oversized sweatshirt. Bear in mind this looks better if your trousers are more of a skinny fit, so you don’t swamp yourself in material. This even looks great with heels, if you plan on going for a casual drink!

Wear a Basic T and Sandals for Boho Chic

If you don’t want to look too done up, wear a basic T and sandals for a boho look. Think Vanessa Hudgens! She always looks laid back yet stylish. This look is perfect for a festival, or even a day at the beach.

Tuck in a Top and Add a Belt

Consider tucking a top or shirt into your trousers, and then adding a nice waist belt to cinch you in. This will give you an unbelievable shape!

Toughen Up the Look

If you have floral trousers, why not toughen up the look? You can do this with a black leather biker jacket and some rock chick boots.

Introduce a Colour from Your Trousers Elsewhere

Take a look at your trousers and assess the colour scheme. If you have multiple shades in there, pick one and introduce it into your outfit somewhere else. For instance, if your trousers are varying shades of purple, you could wear a lavender bomber jacket!

Add a Pretty Pastel Hue

Pretty pastel hues will look great with your trousers, and will work with almost any pattern you can find. This is a great tip if you want to soften the overall look.

Wear a Matching Jacket

Why not be daring and wear a matching jacket? Most places do matching jacket and trouser sets, and you won’t need to put much effort in to look chic.

Now you know exactly how to wear your patterned trousers to avoid looking trashy. I hope you love them as much as we do. See you later!

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Christina Milian Wearing Ruthie Davis Shoes

Christina Milian has had one constant during her whirlwind press tour for her new hit E! TV Show ‘Turned Up’ – her Ruthie Davis shoes! Rocking a variety of sky high styles from the collection over the past week, Christina has incorporated these sexy and fun heels into her awesome rocker-fashionsita ensembles.

She has not only been spotted in these shoes, but has shared shots of her rocking them on her Instagram, as well!


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Jay Alexander from Video: Online Holiday Deals and Stocking – Up on Winter Essentials

With the help of live models, Style + Life + Fashion was excited to interview style guru Jay Alexander as he shared his cheat sheet for closet essentials, styling secrets to help you re-imagine your wardrobe, and discussed how to get the most out of your online shopping experience!

Deep discounts, free shipping, easy return policies….there are many late-year shopping benefits.  This is also the perfect time to restock your closet with classic essentials and on-trend items that will make your current wardrobe pop.


Take a look at the video (below) and grab a few ideas to revamp your winter wardrobe!  From coats to accessories, Jay shares all of the best fashion tips.

Winter Wardrobe Shopping Tips

It’s time to go shopping for a brand new winter wardrobe. But wait, you shouldn’t just go crazy, scanning your bank card at every given opportunity. If you take that approach, you can bet you’ll end up with a load of items you didn’t really need. Not to mention no money left! Consider these things before you go shopping so you can come home with the best haul:

From Glitter



Things You Already Own

Do you already have winter items you can wear again this year? You may have a quality pair of boots, some jumpers, jeans, tights, and other items that you’ve had in the past that will still do this year. Obviously you want to change up your look, but it’s easy to make old items look new if you style them properly. Go through and decide which items you’d like to keep and which you’ll give to charity. Try not to be a hoarder. If you haven’t worn something in a while, get rid of it to make room for new stuff.

Transitional Summer Items

You’ve probably got summer items that you can make work for you in winter too. Skirts and shorts can be worn with tights. Vests can be worn under your jumpers or layered with cardigans. Work out what you’ll still wear this season. Get rid of the stuff you won’t wear or put it in storage for next year.

Seasonal Items

Whether you like to make the most of your current wardrobe by reusing things or not, everybody can afford to buy a few new seasonal items when shopping for their new wardrobe. This might be the season’s pair of ‘It’ boots – the thigh high style. Or it may be a cosy cowl neck jumper. Personally, I buy myself a new winter coat and a few jumpers each year. You’d never know I was wearing old jeans, tights, and skirts with them. By doing this, I’ve ended up with quite a collection of coats and jumpers. I made sure that they will last me a good few years too, so I always have a wide range of coats to choose from when I’m going out! A couple of new items will bring your wardrobe up to date. There’s just no need to go mad and buy everything you see! Click here for inspiration. If you make sure the items you buy are versatile, they’ll last a long time and go with a lot of different things.

Your Budget

If you go shopping without a budget you’re doomed from the start. You need to know how much you are able to spend on your new wardrobe so you can think of the garments that are the best value for money and purchase them accordingly. If you can, remember that less is more. Bya few items that are high quality and will last you a while, rather than lots of items that are low quality and won’t last you past this year.

Consider these things, and you’ll have a high quality wardrobe that will last you for many winters to come!

Fall Fashion 2014 – Essentials That Every Girl Needs

The leaves are shades of burnt orange and yellow, and the weather seems to be getting nippier each time we leave the house. This can only mean one thing: Fall is here! As well as eating buckets of pumpkin soup and drinking milky cinnamon beverages, I’m dressing for the occasion too. It isn’t quite winter, so you could possibly get away with wearing less layers, still managing to show off a nice bit of shape in your outfits. The following bits are essentials that every girl needs during the Fall:


Fall Fashion Plaid Shirt

A Chunky Scarf

A chunky scarf is a must during Fall, especially if you don’t plan on wearing a big, cosy coat. Luckily for you, scarves look great with just about anything, especially if you can wrap them round your neck a few times to get a nice layered look.

A Cape

I don’t mean a cape like Batman – this isn’t about Halloween! I mean a fashionable, blanket style cape. There are all kinds of styles out and about today, especially Navajo styles. They add a lovely layer to any outfit and an element of interest. Simply throw over your favourite jeans and shirt combo, or wear over a skirt and tights. Ladies like Beyonce  have been known to be fans!

Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee boots are sure to keep you toasty. In fact, many fashion bloggers are wearing theirs with a long jumper and bare legs! You might be a little chilly at first, but I’m sure you’d get used to it after a while. You might want to wear shorts under your jumper too – just in case!

Plaid Shirt

The plaid shirt is a laidback fashion staple for Fall, just as it has been all year. It’s another great layering piece that can be worn with just about anything. Throw it over your favorite t-shirt, or wrap it around your waist to add a grunge feel.

here’s another plaid shirt that I like: sheer plaid shirt

Longline Blazer Jacket

The longline blazer jacket is a good jacket choice for those slightly warmer Fall days. They are very smart, so perfect for a job interview, meeting, or just a day in the office.

Thick Tights

With thick tights at your disposal, you can wear anything you want. Shorts, skirts, dresses, you name it. You won’t be cold, and you’ll look very chic indeed. No need to throw out your Summer wardrobe when you can make it work for Fall!

Cozy Jumper

Of course, we all need a cosy jumper during the Fall to snuggle up with. Cropped jumpers are everywhere at the moment, and they look fabulous with a skirt and tights. However, you could also get a long jumper as mentioned before to wear with some over the knee boots. High neck jumpers are all the rage this season!

If you have these items in your wardrobe this Fall, you’ll never get chilly. You’ll never run out of things to wear, either! Simply interchange these items for a different looking outfit each time. What do you think of these fashion essentials? Leave a comment with your thoughts!